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Join DeMint, Toomey, and Tea Party Express at Cruz Rally THIS FRIDAY at The Woodlands Waterway Park, 5- 7pm (times not finalized)


                              Join TX Patriots PAC, Kingwood TEA Party

Senators Jim DeMint & Pat Toomey
& Tea Party Express

and other grassroots conservative groups as we RALLY Texas Voters to Help Us Send Ted Cruz to the US Senate this Friday in the Woodlands!!!

  • WHEN: THIS Friday, 7/27/12
  • TIME: 5:00 pm – 7 pm (times not yet final)
  • WHERE: The Woodlands Waterway Park, MAP
  • ADDRESS: 2099 Lake Robbins Drive
    The Woodlands, TX 77380
  • Please click here to RSVP

More Details tomorrow!

Early Voting Is This Week!

Please Don't Forget to VOTE Next Week!

PIX: Ted Cruz & KWTP on the Fourth of July, 2012

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March with KWTP and TED CRUZ at Kingwood 4th of July Parade

Ted Cruz for US Senate!FREEDOM!!!

March with KWTP and TED CRUZ!

The Conservative Grassroots candidate for US Senate

at the 4th of July Parade in Kingwood

  • Date: Wed., July 4th, 2012
    Time: 10 am (9:30 am line-up)
  • STAGING AREA: Rivers Edge Trail, off of Sandy Forks Drive, across from
    Dr. Richard’s office right across from Creekwood Middle School.

Staging Area MAP

For those arriving closer to 10 am, parking may be a problem, so Jim will be using our minivan as a shuttle for those that park at the Kingwood High School parking lot.

Please Join us in the afternoon at our Kingwood TEA Party Booth at the festival, too!
After the Parade from 2 pm – ?!

Don’t Forget: suntan lotion, hats, & umbrellas!

We are supplying marchers with BOTTLED WATER & trailer to ride on if needed.

Jim and I are looking forward to seeing you there on Wednesday! Robin

TED CRUZ at KWTP TOMORROW, 6/18/12 at Los Cucos-Kingwood, 7-8:30 pm

Ted CruzTED CRUZ is Coming to Kingwood to Say
“We’re not finished yet: Don’t forget to vote in the Runoff and bring your conservative friends with you!”
Mon., 6/18, Los Cucos-Kingwood, 7pm

Friends/Neighbors Registered to Vote: Check here so you can help them if they’re not.

Ted Cruz:This is ground zero in the fight between the moderate establishment and the conservative TEA Party tidal wave that is sweeping this country!

If you’ve already RSVP’d, no need to do so again. The count helps ensure that we have enough seats for everyone. Hope you can join us on Monday. Come early if you’d like to dine, we’re expecting a crowd.

Ted’s Rockin’ Intro video from the State Convention

Robin and I just spent the last few days at the Texas Republican State Convention. Ted Cruz was the overwhelming center of attention and the passionate choice of 80+% of the Republican delegates in attendance who nearly blew the roof off of the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena when he addressed the delegates on Saturday.

KWTP MEMBERS: Bring your camera or camcorder. We’re looking for  some good footage of Ted and the Kingwood TEA Party crowd to put up on the website.

Want to help Ted get elected? Visit the Cruz Crew website and see how you can help!

Recommended by Kingwood TEA Party Advisory Board and endorsed by :

Sarah Palin,Rick Santorum, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, Ron Paul, National Review, George Will, Freedom Works PAC, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Kelly Shackelford, Peggy Venable, Cathie Adams, Dr. James Dobson, Gun Owners of America, Young Conservatives of Texas, David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders, TEA Party leaders and grassroots conservatives across the state of Texas.

Who Is Ted Cruz, and What Does He Believe?

COMMENTARY: Florida has Rubio and Col. West. Now It’s Texas’ turn!

Jim DeMint's SCF Endorses Ted Cruz for US Senate

Endorsed by Sen. Jim de Mint.

Ted Cruz: The Tea Party  Grassroots Republican Conservative Texans’ Candidate

by Robin H. Lennon

I have been supporting Ted Cruz since I first met him nearly a year and a half ago. The longer I’ve known him, the more I respect him, and the greater my belief that Ted Cruz is THE Senator Texas needs on the floor of the U.S. Senate this coming January.

Over time as Washington, D.C. became increasingly more spendthrift and progressive (excepting only a handful of stalwart warriors), the People of Texas have remained true to our principles but our elected officials have too often been politicians who forgot or ignored what our U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law were all about.

Tonight, however, I stood in a crowd of passionate constitutionalists like myself, listening to a man articulate our principles and values without apology. Like us, Ted Cruz knows that true self-esteem develops when individuals work hard to accomplish their goals or to overcome great obstacles. No one can give self-esteem to another; it is earned by hard work. Like self-esteem, property belongs to the individual who earned it. One’s right to the fruits of one’s own labor and the right to protect it are the marks of free men since time immemorial. As John Adams once said, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.”

Fighting today’s creeping anarchy and tyranny, Ted Cruz will stand shoulder to shoulder with Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Mike Hall, and all the other constitutionalists in the U. S. Senate who understand that as government increases, liberty decreases. When the government decides who will receive medical treatment, chooses which businesses succeed and which fail, or where we can drill for oil in Alaska or Texas, everyone’s freedoms are diminished little by little until freedom no longer exists.

The choice for Texans today is between two men. Lt. Governor Dewhurst, who undermined the passing of the TSA anti-groping bill in the Texas Senate because the Obama Administration threatened to declare the State of Texas a no-fly zone, says he cut spending even as Texas spending rose dramatically, and voted for an incognito personal income tax. The second, of course, is Ted Cruz who has a proven track record of fighting for conservative causes for Texans under Attorney General Greg Abbott even when the President of the United States stood with the U.N. against Texas.

As the race tightens up, and a runoff is almost certain, Lt. Governor Dewhurst has unleashed his hordes of dollars to jam the airwaves with more unfounded accusations that Ted Cruz favors amnesty and is against using E-verify to stem the flow of illegal aliens into our State. Dewhurst has refused to discuss the issues before the People of Texas over 30 times during this protracted Primary season, and now he accuses Mr. Cruz of being weak on State Sovereignty. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Dewhurst is accusing Cruz of his own sorry record.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: His earlier unfounded accusations were presented to Cruz supporters using Occupy-like tactics: shouting in our faces while holding cell phones in our faces to record our shock. My shock was that a supposedly conservative candidate would authorize, let alone pay such a princely sum to the three who crashed our green room where Jim and I waited for our turn to shoot a Ted Cruz commercial.

One of my fellow supporters at tonight’s event told me that what strikes him the most about Ted Cruz is that Ted knows what he believes and why he believes it. Having memorized and studied the Constitution during middle school and speaking on it as well as on the thoughts of Hayek, and Mises at Oratory contests through high school, Ted learned young what many of us are learning late in life—that the Founding Fathers formed our government to protect us from government run amok, and with good reason. We need his principled leadership and constitutional authority on the floor of the U.S. Senate next January.

Ted Cruz is supported by FreedomWorks; the Tea Party Express; by the Texas Patriots PACGrassroots America We the People; the Advisory Board members of the Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.; as well as Tea Party leaders all across the State.  It became even clearer that Ted Cruz is the Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senator from the great State of Texas when former Alaska  Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed him last week (halfway into the poll that shows the Lt. Gov’s lead dwindled to less than 10 points).

However, Mr. Cruz, is much more than just the Tea Party candidate. He is also the candidate of grassroots Republicans across Texas, and of constitutionalists across the State. So many local Republicans who have been fighting the good fight in the trenches for years are welcoming us newer Tea Partiers to fight along side of them as we work to bring our country back to the Rule of Law and its foundational Truths of Liberty, Temperance, and blind Justice for all. We stand united behind Ted Cruz.

But he won’t be able to go to Washington to join the fight for constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and individual liberty unless Texans stand united and brush off the ennui of the long Primary season and VOTE for Cruz today.

Donate to the Cruz campaign for our freedom, our children’s freedom, and for the hope of freedom today and in the future. On second thought, don’t vote alone, take others with you to the polls to support Texas’ own Ted Cruz. Every dollar donated will go to media to counter the Lt. Governor’s scurrilous attack ads. Jim and I are donating today; I hope you will, too!

Florida has Rubio and Col. West. Now it’s Texas’ turn!

Join us in sending the BEST Senatorial candidate to the U. S. Senate to fight for Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets so American Exceptionalism is once more a reality!


Ted Cruz Rally in Houston Tonight, Thur., 5/24/12, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Armadillo Palace Back Porch

Kingwood Ted Cruz Supporters!

Gather up family and friends and come out to support Ted Cruz, Texas’ Tea Party candidate. Join me in showing our enthusiasm for Texas’ chance to finally elect a true conservative to the US Senate–a Texas fighter who’ll help us rein in our out-of-control Federal government and put it back into  its constitutional box.

Click on the Ted Cruz banner to help Ted stop Lt. Gov. Dewhurst from spending his way into the U.S. Senate! See the link below to make calls to let other Texans know about Ted!

Click here to help Ted Cruz go to Washington!

Kingwood Patriots,

I wanted to let you know that Ted Cruz will be in Houston tomorrow, Thursday, May 24th, for a good, old-fashioned Get Out the Vote Rally. We hope you can join Ted at the Houston Meet & Greet! Please bring your friends and family to visit with Ted and then go cast your vote for Ted at your local early voting location!

Houston Meet & Greet
6:30-7:30 PM
Armadillo Palace
Back Porch [MAP]
5015 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77098

Please RSVP to or 832-452-3036 with RSVP: 5/24 Armadillo Palace in the subject line.

Find your early voting location

A new poll shows we’re gaining on Dewhurst and now within single digits! With early voting under way we need your help phone banking from home for Ted. Will you please sign up for even one hour a week, or more if you can? You can log into the system via your Facebook account by clicking the “Connect with Facebook” button on the log in page and start making calls right away!

Hope to see you there!

Bobby Rodriguez
Field Director
Ted Cruz for Senate
(832) 452-3036


KWTP is proudly supporting both Texas Tea Party Patriots and the TEA Party Express. ope to see you there!

PARTISAN ALERT: Tea Party Express is helping us let more Texans know about our opportunity to elect a a true conservative to the US Senate who out-Rubios Rubio–Ted Cruz.

To print out copies of the flyer, click on the graphic below for pdf file.

Latest Ted Cruz Video–and guess who’s in it!

Monday 2/20/12: US Senatorial Candidate for TX – Ted Cruz on TX Property Rights

Endorsed by Sen. Jim de Mint's Senate Conservative's Fund

NEXT KINGWOOD TEA PARTY MEETING: Monday night, 2/20/12 with Ted Cruz.

KWTP has asked Ted to address Property rights in Texas and the US Constitution. We’ll also be discussing Sustainable Development, The Federal Government, and the U.N. This is an important meeting emphasizing the fact the US Gov’t is giving grants to local entities (counties, cities…) to perform testing of recently discounted environmental factors and for implementing provisions of the UN’s Agenda 21. This is important information as many Americans and politicians believe this is a National Sovereignty issue when it is also a State and local issue of extreme importance. Hope you can join us on Monday.

Ted Cruz is a conservative candidate running for the US Senate in the Texas Republican primary.

OPINION ALERT: Robin Lennon’s Opinion

Ted is the local Tea Party favorite in this race getting nearly 50% of the Texas Saddle Up votes both in the texting poll as well as the on-site poll, and is the favorite of conservative leaders nationwide.

The grave Constitutional issues facing us because of the dereliction of duty of our Legislative Branch in allowing Czars, Cabinet members, and unelected bureaucrats to spend money and implement law that is contrary to freedom and the Rule of Law makes Ted Cruz, in my (Robin Lennon) opinion the right candidate for Texas in the US Senate. He has a proven record of fighting conservative cases before the Supreme Court–which he won for us as Solicitor General under our great Attorney General, Greg Abbott. Unlike the House, the Senate is not a body where just any populist representative can be elected and hit the ground running, the Senate requires someone upon whom the mantle of authority and past success is a must. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the staunch conservatives of the Senate (Jim De Mint, Mike Hall, Rand Paul, etc.) who have endorsed him, I believe Ted Cruz will help lead this fight.

Endorsed by Sen. Jim DeMint, Mike Hall, Erick Erickson of Red State, Freedom Works PAC, Michael Farris – Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Assn., Senator Mike Lee, Constitutional Conservatives Fund Chairman, Mark Levin – Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, US Sen. Rand Paul, Kelly Shackelford – President of Liberty Institute, Peggy Venable – Taxpayer Advocate, and David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders among others.

National Review: “Cruz Control”

George Will: “In Ted Cruz, A Candidate as Good as It Gets”

National Review Cover: Ted Cruz – “The Next Great Conservative Hope”

Ted Cruz lit up the conservative, Tea Party leaning crowd on Friday and Saturday at the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll.  The Saddle Up Texas Straw Pool was the place to be last weekend as conservative leaders and office holders from around the state gathered with an enthusiastic conservative crowd of concerned citizen activists.

The results of the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll can be found on their site at the following link: .

FYI: Friends of Ted Cruz; Press Conference on Thurs., 9:30 am on 1/26/12 at Sheraton Suites in Houston near Galleria

From Jon McClellan with the Ted Cruz Campaign:

US Senatorial Candidate Ted Cruz, TXFriends,

Recently the Fort Worth Star-Telegram described the US Senate race as “pitting Tea Party members against the party establishment” and that “David Dewhurst may be Texas grassroots enemy No. 1 right now.”

In light of this recent story we would like to invite you to a special press conference announcing some exciting news…..that you will have to attend the press conference to find out.

  • WHEN:   Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2012
  • TIME:      9:30-10:30 am
  • WHERE: Sheraton Suites Houston near The Galleria
    Elderberry Room
    2400 West Loop South
    Houston, TX 77027

Please RSVP to Jon McClellan, Ted Cruz for Senate Political Director 512-637-8777 , office,  if you can attend this event and feel free to invite some fellow Ted Cruz supporters to join you.