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Rush Limbaugh: A bigoted hatemonger (& Horowitz’ “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model”

An example of a liberal who originally had a harsh opinion of Rush Limbaugh due to Alinsky-style tactics but changed his mind when he actually began listening to him. His name is William Raspberry. As writer Jeff Jacoby explains:

Rush Limbaugh: A bigoted hatemonger. So thought William Raspberry, a former African-American columnist for The Washington Post. In 1993, Raspberry wrote a piece blasting Limbaugh for his “demagoguery … his gay bashing, his racial putdowns”. Like the Mississippi segregationists of his youth, Raspberry wrote that Limbaugh “is so good at … tossing the raw meat of bigotry to people … Rush Limbaugh is a bigot.” 

[Click on more for the rest, including Horowitz’ piece on Pres. BHO and Saul Alinsky’s tactics.]

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