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VIDEO: Newt Gingrich, Horowitz’ Restoration Weekend Speech

If you can only listen to one of these videos, listen to part 5–though all are well worth the time. Listen to what he says. We may disagre with the candidates Mr. Gingrich as chosen to support, but there is much wisdom we can learn from him nonetheless.

If you’d like to hear them all in order, click on “more for Parts 1-4.

Apologies. I listened to this this afternoon, but when we went to play Part 2 at the meeting tonight, it had been pulled off of youtube. These are links that Greg was able to find online that still work.

Part 5
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Rush Limbaugh: A bigoted hatemonger (& Horowitz’ “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model”

An example of a liberal who originally had a harsh opinion of Rush Limbaugh due to Alinsky-style tactics but changed his mind when he actually began listening to him. His name is William Raspberry. As writer Jeff Jacoby explains:

Rush Limbaugh: A bigoted hatemonger. So thought William Raspberry, a former African-American columnist for The Washington Post. In 1993, Raspberry wrote a piece blasting Limbaugh for his “demagoguery … his gay bashing, his racial putdowns”. Like the Mississippi segregationists of his youth, Raspberry wrote that Limbaugh “is so good at … tossing the raw meat of bigotry to people … Rush Limbaugh is a bigot.” 

[Click on more for the rest, including Horowitz’ piece on Pres. BHO and Saul Alinsky’s tactics.]

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David Horowitz’ KSP VIDEO ENCORE of 5/24/10 Presentation

With thanks to King Street Patriots and our wonderful Ray Jenkins of DGW, Doing Good Works, Inc. who recorded it:

Kingwood TEA Party is happy to present David Horowitz’s video encore of

“How the Sixties’ Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party”

Presented  in Houston, Texas
May 24, 2010 at King Street Patriots!

David Horowitz – Part 1 of 6

Click on more for Videos 2-6 of his presentation!

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