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HELP Request: Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010, Spring Creek BBQ, 7 pm

Voter Guide/Issues Papers/Get Out the Vote
Spring Creek Bar-B-Q  [MAP]
in Atascocita, 7 pm

Work with fired up fellow patriots to make a difference on November 2!

We need help finding, writing, & editing our Issues papers. We are well on our way to strategizing how we can turn our TEA Party Issues into pledges. Based on the pledges a candidate signs we will have a percentage agreement with TP values. Any candidate with a certain percentage (ie 70% or more) will be in our Voters’ Guide.

Your help is greatly needed to make this a reality in the short time remaining.


What’s overwhelming for one or two of us, will be a joy of camaraderie and accomplishment for a group of us. Please contact Robin at if you can help!

Come join our team and help us make a positive difference on Nov. 2, 2010. D-Day.

FREE ONLINE Liberty Institute Voter’s Guide

Non-Partisan, presenting the candidate’s views on a wide variety of issues. I have a few hard copies to bring to the meeting with me, but found this  online version that might be useful.

Downloadable link: 2010_Primary_Voters_Guide

Link to website:

Voter Guide: 2009 Constitutional Amendments


League of Women Voters’ Amendment Guide

Click here to view the League of Women Voters 2009 Amendment Guide.