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Deborah, Erin, Martha, Kay Dene, Robin in Tomball Community Center for Cruz Dewhurst faceoffRobin and Jim working at Ted Cruz Houston HreadquartersThe view from the podium during Ted Cruz's Victory speech July 31 2012Sherrif Candidate Louis Guthrie at KWTP meeting in July 2012Robin with Eva after Eva gave David Dewhurst what for at the Tomball Cruz Dewhurst faceoff in July 2012Robin working her last minute spreadsheet magic to properly man the Harris County polling places for Ted Cruz, two nights before early voting.
Robin, Deborah, Susanna at Cruz Headquarters two nights before early voting began.Gus and Jean at Ted Cruz Victory  Party - July 31, 2012Daniel Ledoux, The Patriot with Ted Poe at July 4 parade 2012July 4'th 2010Gus and Joe at KWTP booth on Fourth of July 2012Julie Turner at the Ted Cruz rally watching Sarah Palin
Gus at KWTP meeting to evaluate Sherrif CandidatesJeremy and Mary Carol representing the KWTP at rally in front of the Supreme Court March 2012Bryce Howe and Bob Price at Ted Cruz Victory CelebrationSarah Palin in the crowd at The WoodlandsRobin and Jim on podium to the left at Ted Cruz Victory rallyJim and robin at Tec Cruz Victory Party
Sarah Palin after her speech comes over to say helloSarah Palin Jim Demint Ted and Hedi Cruz at The Woodlands rallySarah Palin Ted Cruz rally crowd reponse to a true TEA Party leaderTed Cruz rally The Woodlands crowd shotTexas-Senate Race-PalinSarah Palin at KWTP Ted Cruz rally

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KWTP Then… and Now

A short pictorial history of Kingwood TEA party since Jim & Robin’s 1st Tea Party on April 15, 2009 in Houston. A bridge between our new website and our old one! To see larger pictures,  please visit KWTP Then… and Now, a set on Flickr. Choose slideshow. Apologies–couldn’t figure out how to keep them in chronological order.

Radical, Right, Prolife and Proud of it.Robin's First TEA Party speech in Kingwood Town Center park, May 2009KWTP meeting in 2009Robin, Jim and KWTP at Lone Star auditoreumHubert, Curling at all at the State Rep candidate debateRobin with Dan Huberty and Susan Curling signing pledge
First TEA Party Express rally at Sam Houston Raceway, first time for Robin in front of big crowdTed Cruz marching with the KWTP at July 4 parade weeks before his massive win.Larry Lane, Debra Medina and KWTP Medina rally days after her implosion on the Glenn Beck showTed Cruz, Robin, et all on stage at The Woodlands Ted Cruz rally moments before Sarah Palin took the stage.Texas-Senate Race-PalinDebra Medina at KWTP rally
Ted Cruz rally The Woodlands crowd shotJim backstage at the big TEA Party rally at the Sam Houston Racetrack 2010Sarah Palin after her speech comes over to say helloRacetrack rally day time shot of crowdSarah Palin in the crowd at The WoodlandsRacetrack rally night shot of huge crowd
Dan Patrick pulled a large crowd to KWTP August 2011Anise Parker answers for Houston's bankrupt finances at the KWTP meeting in September 2010Tea Party Cacus Advisory Committee in Senate Conference Room at Texas State CapitalKWTP busload after long day at first day of Texas Leg session January 2011KWTP before the Fourth of July paradeDick Armey KWTP

KWTP Then… and Now, a set on Flickr.

Governor Perry Moves towards the Tea Parties with his TX Budget Compact

Jim and I attended Governor Perry’s press conference today where he announced his new Texas Budget Compact. It was eye-opening, as each of its issues (and more) were brought to the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Board at the beginning of the last Texas Legislative session. Click on the graphic  below to read JoAnn Fleming’s (TPCAC Chairman) comments (2 pages)  on Governor Perry’s Compact.

Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee



IMPORTANT: Recap of Monday’s Harris Co. Repub. Party Quarterly Meeting

H/T:  Felicia Cravens of Houston Tea Party Society – Meeting Recap

Hot Off the Presses: Breitbart Article on HCRP Pay to Play!

With many important details I was unaware of that will certain affect how we go forward from here.

From Felicia’s Blog Post (Audit Resolution/Funding Convention/Polland Rebuke):

AUDIT Resolution Randy Kubosh offered the resolution to ask for a monthly financial accounting, which was ruled out-of-order, since it would involve a bylaws change. Changes to the bylaws require some notice ahead of the meeting, and thus this resolution truly was out-of-order. Bylaws changes are proposed through the Rules Committee, which operates with a natural (and understandable) reluctance to propose a lot of changes to the bylaws. That said, a member who wanted to increase reporting, or make changes to the accountability requirements would have to navigate Rules committee meetings, hope that the committee approved the changes, wait for the Rules committee to notify the membership of a proposed change with proper notice, and then wait for the meeting at which there was enough of a quorum in order to vote on a change to the bylaws. It’s a little maddening, sure. A lot depends on the members of the Rules committee, and whether they judge the change to be acceptable. But making bylaws difficult to amend is purposeful – it ensures deliberation before changing rules or procedures that are already in place

  • so members have proper notice of structural changes to their organization
  • so that everyone knows ahead of time what is being proposed
  • so membership has time to digest the effect of the proposed change

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Thank You, Rep. Poe for Your Vote AGAINST Government Overreach

Here is Congressman Poe’s explanation of his courageous vote against repealing the IPAB bill today:

 Obamacare is unconstitutional and must be repealed in its entirety. That is why I voted for the full repeal of the President’s nationalized healthcare bill, including the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). I have also introduced legislation to defund the individual mandate provision of Obamacare. Although I fully support the repeal of IPAB and have cosponsored legislation to repeal it (H.R. 452), I cannot support final passage of H.R. 5 because the bill includes provisions that I believe violate states’ rights and the 10th Amendment. As a strict constitutionalist and a fierce defender of states’ rights, I cannot accept replacing one unconstitutional law with another.

Read Rep. Poe’s entire statement here.

He wasn’t against repealing IPAB, of course–he’s already voted to rescind ObamaCare in its entirety. With KWTP’s encouragement (click on “more” below to see our email to him), Rep. Poe voted against the amendment our RINO Republican Leadership added to address Tort Reform. This legislation, though it sounds good is a gross encroachment on the constitutional powers that rightfully belong to the States.

Thank you, Congressman Poe!

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Good Read:The Real War on Women from American Thinker

Real War on Women.

Our “Great Ruler” & The Rising Fever of Despotism

Must View or Read: Rep. Ted Poe’s list of grievances against our “Great Ruler.”

Next, remember this:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

Then Read: American Thinker article that says everything I believe about the importance of our upcoming election.

The Rising Fever of Despotism.

The time is now, and right now the Ballot Box is our battleground. American Patriots, and American Statesmen: Will we allow the Light of Liberty to be extinguished from our Land, or will we do our best, each and every one of us, to nourish the flame of Freedom once more?

PHENOMENAL Presidential Candidates Matrix

10 gallon H/T: Ken Eyring
So.NH 9.12 Project

Slow-loading but well worth it.
Includes major candidates as well as dropouts
ALL FOOTNOTED with active links.

2012 Complete Republican Presidential Candidates Positions Matrix – (64 Issues, 30 pages)
2012 Condensed Republican Presidential Candidates Positions Matrix – (23 Issues, 7 pages)

Thank you, too, Jeremy, for pointing me to this wonderful resource.

Why was this young Iranian Woman Shot Execution Style in Houston, TX last Sunday?

H/T Chris Healey

She protested for women’s rights and against the Iranian regime.
Read full story here.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Season’s Greetings to All!

Merry Christmas from the Kingwood TEA Party!