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TX Sen. Tommy William’s Not-So-Conservative Track Record

Click on picture for his Bad Voting Record. (doc file)


CPAC Videos: SARAH, Daniel Hannan, & Gov. Jindal

Also a must-watch: Daniel Hannon

And here’s Gov. Jindal who is doing things in Louisiana that RINOs and Statists say can’t be done. Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Rep. Straus: are you listening?

PHENOMENAL Presidential Candidates Matrix

10 gallon H/T: Ken Eyring
So.NH 9.12 Project

Slow-loading but well worth it.
Includes major candidates as well as dropouts
ALL FOOTNOTED with active links.

2012 Complete Republican Presidential Candidates Positions Matrix – (64 Issues, 30 pages)
2012 Condensed Republican Presidential Candidates Positions Matrix – (23 Issues, 7 pages)

Thank you, too, Jeremy, for pointing me to this wonderful resource.

FREE 10 wk. Constitution 101Course from Hillsdale College Begins 2/20/12

Click on the link for the previous Hillsdale lecture series on the Constitution.

Register for Hillsdale College’s “Constitution 101”

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As a leader in your local Tea Party organization, you are invited, along with other members of your group, to participate in an exciting educational opportunity from Hillsdale College – our free online course, “Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution.” You may already know of Hillsdale College for its principled refusal to accept even a penny in federal or state taxpayer subsidies, its rigorous core curriculum that includes courses on the American heritage and the Constitution, and its many outreach programs promoting liberty. You may also receive its free monthly speech digest, Imprimis. Our free online course, “Constitution 101,” will be taught by the same professors who teach Hillsdale’s one-semester course on the Constitution to our students. This 10-week program begins on February 20, 2012. Registration and information, including the course schedule, is available here:

The course will include:

  • ten lectures by members of the Hillsdale College Politics Department faculty; • provided readings that are used in the Hillsdale College Constitution course;
  • weekly online Q&A sessions with faculty;
  • a course study guide for use by individuals or groups;
  • weekly quizzes for those who wish to test their knowledge; and
  • a certificate from Hillsdale College for those who complete the course.

And again, this course is free to all who wish to participate. We encourage you to sign up for this course on the meaning and history of the Constitution, and to share this program with everyone in your group. In this regard, we invite you to view and share this promotional video for “Constitution 101.” “Constitution 101” is part of a major national educational campaign by Hillsdale College. Please join us in studying the greatest charter of civil and religious liberty in human history during this very important year for our country.

This Week in D.C.: Stoisits U.S. Legislative Update for TX


Current Stoisits Federal Update:  

LegislationUpdate 30Dec2012

LegislationUpdate 23Dec2012

LegislationUpdate 19Dec2012

LegislationUpdate 09Dec2012

LegislationUpdate 02Dec2012

LegislationUpdate 18Nov2012

LegislationUpdate 23Sept2012

LegislationUpdate 16Sept2012

LegislationUpdate 22July2012

LegislationUpdate 15July2012

SupremeCourtUpholdsObamaTax 08July2012

LegislationUpdate 24June2012

Iceland Ireland Bailout Lessons 24June2012

LegislationUpdate 17June2012

LegislationUpdate 10June2012

LegislationUpdate 03June2012

LegislationUpdate 27May2012

LegislationUpdate 20May2012

LegislationUpdate 13May2012

LegislationUpdate 29Apr2012

LegislationUpdate 22Apr2012

LegislationUpdate 01Apr2012

High Gasoline Prices by Design

HHS ContraseptiveMandate 26Feb2012

Civic Responsibility 03Dec2011

Texas_Legislature Link

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Introduction to the Constitution – Hillsdale College

Introduction to the Constitution – Hillsdale College.

Links to Hillsdale’s great video classes on the Constitution that Rush recommended!

Scroll to bottom of webpage for The first video. Study Guide with questions is available as a .PDF file in small print immediately below each video.

Great Resource: Liberty Library

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Parliamentary Procedure – Republican Style Videos Now Online

  • Video Presentation by Louis “Butch” Davis with PowerPoint and downloadable Cheat Sheet
  • Butch is an extraordinary Parliamentarian. He is the one we all work to send to the Republican National Convention because of his expertise and his conservatism!
  • Butch is also the one who alerted everyone to the machinations of Romney’s campaign to control the delegates the States elect to go to the RNC so we could mitigate the worst of it in Tampa.

Lou “Butch” Davis gave us a fine introduction to the Parliamentary Procedure used by the Republican Party at its conventions. Kingwood TEA Party requested him to teach the class because of the large number of new Patriots attending the State Convention in June who had no idea what to expect. He was gracious enough to allow me to record his presentation so those who could not attend could view the class before going to State.

For those of you who don’t know Butch, here are a few of his qualifications:

  • State party parliamentarian for the Republican Party of Texas
  • Former Senate District Chairman for 6 years
  • Member of State Rules Committee for 4 state conventions
  • Attended all state conventions except 2 since 1980.

Parliamentary Procedures – Republican Style is, of course, also valuable for those who want to get involved in their local political process in March 2010.

Butch has kindly provided us with a Cheatsheet to take with from the SREC, as well as his PowerPoint that I have saved as a .pdf so you can follow along as you watch the video. (Click on links to open or save a copy.)

Thank you, Butch!!!

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You are invited to the most important TEA Party this year—Your Own Precinct Convention!!!

You are invited to help prepare for the Nov. 2 elections immediately after the polls close on Mar. 2!!!

All you have to do is vote in your party primary and then attend the most important TEA Party of all–your preceinct convention the evening of the Primary election, March 2 after the polls close. Most occur at your precinct polling place that evening. To qualify, you have to have voted in the Primary (early voting or that day.)

The three important tasks of the convention are:

1 – Vote for a permanent Precinct Chairman,
2 – Pass resolutions for the Party platform, and
3 – Elect representatives to attend the Senate District Conventions.

If you are tired of where the “Parties” have taken our country, this is your chance to get involved and really make a difference. If you are not familiar with Precinct Conventions, I have placed Larry Lane’s very informative 11/30/10 talk on Precinct Conventions below.

Want to bring some resolutions to your precinct convention to vote on–help us craft some! We have a separate site to collect, review and discuss resolutions. We will all work on them and you will be able to print out the final versions to take with you to your precincts for consideration. I’m told you’ll need to bring at least three copies of any resolution you wish to present.

We’ll go over our resolutions submissions at our

March 1, 2010  Kingwood TEA Party Society meeting
Los Cucos-Kingwood
(Near Texas Roadhouse on 59 N).
Meeting starts at 7 pm.

Come early and dine with us!

After watching the first Precinct Convention video, click on “More” and you will find the other four videos. We hope these are useful. Thank you, Larry for your time and effort putting this talk together for us!

Precinct Conventions 1 of 5 videos: 

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