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Of Buses, Forced Technology & Choices

Buses, Forced Technology, & Fiscal Responsibility

Join us on September 8, 2011 at Spring Creek Barbeque in Atascocita, 7 pm.

A president who can’t differentiate between good developing technology, reasonable technological advances, and the burden of spending taxpayer money before development of that emerging technology becomes feasible has proven himself undeserving of the trust the American people have placed in him.

Only capitalism with the constant pressures of competition generated by the prudent buying choices of the American people has been able to place expensive technology like microwaves , computers, and big screen televisions in the homes of many of our “poor.”

The constant cries of the statists for us to “give” the poor everything has made them dependent on government handouts, convinced they are not capable enough to compete in today’s market, or just plain vindictive against people now living that had nothing to do with injustices that may have happened to their ancestors. (Many of our poor are minorities, but far from all ever had ancestors who were slaves. ) These people are now slaves on the new plantation of modern progressivism where the government makes their decisions for all of us, doling out the money of productive citizens to buy the votes that will enslave the new, ever upwardly defined “poor” even further.

The problem is it takes gargantuan amounts of money to continue this enforced slavery, even while it enslaves productive workers by forcing them to work nearly for free while their much of their money goes to keep these politicians in government and non-workers voting for them. (I do not include those who truly cannot work, our veterans,  or children in disastrous circumstances–though I  do believe even they would be better served by our Churches and non-profit organizations).

As more and more Americans fall into the pit of government dependence, it will cost more and more, while productive Americans realize that working hard and sacrificing their time and effort for ever decreasing returns on their investment is more easily accomplished on foreign soil where business is enticed rather than vilified. (I did not even mention how much American money has been sent to foreign countries to stimulate their economies and banks even as our own have floundered.) On a date in the not too distant future if we continue on this path, the greatest Nation on earth will fall. Yes, I believe it is that serious.

The progressives are proud of their minimum wage laws (which were originally intended by unions to keep blacks from being hired) even though they result in new workers trying to breaking into the business world from getting those important first jobs that are really job training opportunities. Then they blame the appalling 50% unemployment rate of black teenagers on big business which has been filling gaps in America’s educational system, and families that no longer function thanks to the progressive’s educational and social beliefs.

When will we stop permitting them to innovate when everything they do has disastrous results which they then throw more of our money at?

I say, “Draw the line in the sand and make November, 2012 our final limit.” Help Kingwood TEA Party to make  the ultimate difference in the direction our Nation has been sinking. Step up and help us organize our neighborhoods to CHANGE IT BACK! And I’m not referring to back to 2006 standards when even the elected Republicans were progressives light–I mean back to a constitutionally limited and fiscally responsible government that really does promote the General Welfare by not getting in the way of entrepreneurial Americans with increasingly higher taxes, overwhelming government regulations, and recently, spitefulness and vindictiveness.

Since when do we Americans sit idly by while a President of the United State appoints socialists and Marxists as his advisors and permits them to bypass Congress with regulations the government enforces even as it ignores Laws of the Land passed by our legislature?

Check out our Getting Involved (was Voter Outreach) page and join us–we need your help!

Robin Lennon
Founder, President, Kingwood TEA Party

Parliamentary Procedure – Republican Style Videos Now Online

  • Video Presentation by Louis “Butch” Davis with PowerPoint and downloadable Cheat Sheet
  • Butch is an extraordinary Parliamentarian. He is the one we all work to send to the Republican National Convention because of his expertise and his conservatism!
  • Butch is also the one who alerted everyone to the machinations of Romney’s campaign to control the delegates the States elect to go to the RNC so we could mitigate the worst of it in Tampa.

Lou “Butch” Davis gave us a fine introduction to the Parliamentary Procedure used by the Republican Party at its conventions. Kingwood TEA Party requested him to teach the class because of the large number of new Patriots attending the State Convention in June who had no idea what to expect. He was gracious enough to allow me to record his presentation so those who could not attend could view the class before going to State.

For those of you who don’t know Butch, here are a few of his qualifications:

  • State party parliamentarian for the Republican Party of Texas
  • Former Senate District Chairman for 6 years
  • Member of State Rules Committee for 4 state conventions
  • Attended all state conventions except 2 since 1980.

Parliamentary Procedures – Republican Style is, of course, also valuable for those who want to get involved in their local political process in March 2010.

Butch has kindly provided us with a Cheatsheet to take with from the SREC, as well as his PowerPoint that I have saved as a .pdf so you can follow along as you watch the video. (Click on links to open or save a copy.)

Thank you, Butch!!!

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Mon., 4/12/10 Parliamentary Procedure Intensive, Spring Creek BBQ, 7 pm

Going to the Republican State Convention in June? Join us as we brush up on Parliamentary Procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order with Butch Davis, Parliamentarian Extraordinaire on Monday, April 12 at Spring Creek BBQ in Atascocita. [MAP]  [RSVP]

Kindly RSVP: So Spring Creek will know how many to expect. Thank you!

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You are invited to the most important TEA Party this year—Your Own Precinct Convention!!!

You are invited to help prepare for the Nov. 2 elections immediately after the polls close on Mar. 2!!!

All you have to do is vote in your party primary and then attend the most important TEA Party of all–your preceinct convention the evening of the Primary election, March 2 after the polls close. Most occur at your precinct polling place that evening. To qualify, you have to have voted in the Primary (early voting or that day.)

The three important tasks of the convention are:

1 – Vote for a permanent Precinct Chairman,
2 – Pass resolutions for the Party platform, and
3 – Elect representatives to attend the Senate District Conventions.

If you are tired of where the “Parties” have taken our country, this is your chance to get involved and really make a difference. If you are not familiar with Precinct Conventions, I have placed Larry Lane’s very informative 11/30/10 talk on Precinct Conventions below.

Want to bring some resolutions to your precinct convention to vote on–help us craft some! We have a separate site to collect, review and discuss resolutions. We will all work on them and you will be able to print out the final versions to take with you to your precincts for consideration. I’m told you’ll need to bring at least three copies of any resolution you wish to present.

We’ll go over our resolutions submissions at our

March 1, 2010  Kingwood TEA Party Society meeting
Los Cucos-Kingwood
(Near Texas Roadhouse on 59 N).
Meeting starts at 7 pm.

Come early and dine with us!

After watching the first Precinct Convention video, click on “More” and you will find the other four videos. We hope these are useful. Thank you, Larry for your time and effort putting this talk together for us!

Precinct Conventions 1 of 5 videos: 

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Intro to Precinct Level Politics for Every American Citizen: Mon., 11/30 Spring Creek BBQ, 7 pm

Join us at 6 to dine; meeting starts at 7 pm
Spring Creek BBQ
5613 FM 1960 East (East of Timber Forest)
Atascocita, TX 77346

Party policy begins here.
The real grass roots grow here.
Our energy and effort will pay off here.

Continuing education in effective political action…no  c.e.c.s awarded but you’ll gain insight into party structure and function. What you must know if we are to effect REAL change in 2010.

Plan to attend our intro to precinct level activities including attending your precinct convention and possibly becoming a precinct chairman. Even if you don’t want to be a chairman, and/or your precinct already has one, come and learn how you can participate in politics from the ground up–the way it was meant to be.