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PIX: Ted Cruz & KWTP on the Fourth of July, 2012

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KWTP Represented at AFP Supreme Court Rally This Week

KWTP Members on at AFP Rally (SCOTUS Obamacare 3-12)That’s a Kingwood TEA Party button next to the American and Gadsden flags. Thank you, Jeremy and Mary Carol for representing us in front of the Supreme Court!

Kudos to the Texas Saddle Up Straw Poll Committees & Dedicated Volunteers

It was great seeing so many KWTP members supporting this historic event. Next time will be BIGGER & BETTER!

KWTP with Sen. Dan Patrick 1-11-11

KWTP Goes to Austin

Thank you, Stella, for sharing your photos of our KWTP visiting Austin and Dan Huberty’s first day on the job. May God bless all of our elected officials, representatives and senators as well as every Texan throughout this legislative session.

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Photos: 11/15 KWTP Meeting with TX Sen. Dan Patrick

Last night, TX Sen. Dan Patrick came to Kingwood to discuss the conservative agenda in the upcoming legislative session in Austin. Sen. Patrick called our new District 127 Rep. Dan Huberty up to discuss the agenda with us. Also present last night was our local Houston councilman Mike Sullivan.

MaryAlice Schubert has kindly shared a link to some of her photos of last night’s speakers:

OUR NEXT MEETING: Monday, Dec. 6, 2010 at Los Cucos-KW.

We will be focused on finalizing our by-laws and getting officers elected in the next two weeks so we will be ready to roll in January!

Well done, Everyone & a big thank you to Catherine Engelbrecht and the King Street Patriots for their leadership with TRUE the VOTE. And many thanks to all our KWTP members who worked so hard and long to keep our elections fair, particularly our own Karalee Lance and Gus Faris!

I sure hope this was Photoshopped for Halloween


PHOTOS: 4th of July Float

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See photos of building the float here.

PICTURES: Building the Float – 7/1/10

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