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READ: Alarms over Obama coup against Constitution surging

by Bob Unruh, Published: April 13, 2012

Excerpt 1: There always have been those few who have launched diatribes over the dictatorial actions of any given U.S. presidential administration, over civil rights, foreign affairs, the economy, the draft or a dozen other topics…” ~snip

Excerpt 2: “But where previous generations of warnings emanated from lone wolves with their fax machines in dusty spare rooms, the current alarms are being issued by the likes of Investors Business Daily, First Amendment authority Nat Hentoff, New York Times best-selling author Robert Ringer and their equals.” ~snip

Excerpt 3: “Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News analyst… said, ‘I think the president is dangerously close to totalitarianism. A few months ago he was saying the Congress doesn’t count. The Congress doesn’t mean anything. I am going to rule by decree and by administrative regulation. Now he’s basically saying the Supreme Court doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter what they think. They can’t review our legislation.'” “That would leave just him as the only branch of government standing,” Napolitano said.

Excerpt 4  (emphasis mine–rhl): “Erik Rush, a columnist and author of sociopolitical fare, including “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” wrote about the New Black Panthers, and how their “advancing Marxist agenda is being not-so-subtly choreographed from Barack Obama’s White House.””Civil unrest is an Obama administration objective, since it will facilitate crises sufficient for the president to justify suspensions of civil rights. Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, Obama’s recent National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order, as well as others, have certainly paved the way for such action.

To see related email that was forwarded to me today, click on “more.”

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Crushing Liberty to Protect Status Quo

Original Article by George Will

Lady Liberty Cries

Lady Liberty is under attack.
Will anyone defend her?

Commentary by Robin Lennon

“(NASHVILLE, TN) Bokhari bought a black Lincoln sedan and began offering cut-rate rides — an average of $25 — to and from the airport, around downtown and in neighborhoods not well served by taxis. After one year he had 12 cars. Now he has 20, and 15 independent contractors with their own cars, and a Web site, and lots of customers. He also has some enemies, including the established taxi and sedan companies and a city government that is, as interventionist governments generally are, devoted to regulations that protect the strong by preserving the status quo.

With the quiet support of the taxi companies, which have not raised rates since Bokhari and some similar entrepreneurs went into business, the limo companies got regulators to require a $45 minimum charge for any ride. Not content with that gross injury, government added crippling insults: It limited the age of cars and number of miles on them — regardless of the cars’ condition — and forbade dispatches via cellphones, which is how start-up limo companies operate.”

This happened with UPS and Fed Ex, Solyndra, GM. It’s why all the major companies and banks kowtow to the government and why the cost of living continues to rise along with the tax burden on productive Americans.

Our freedoms that had been slowly eroding over the last century are being destroyed by leaps and bounds. And now, we have POTUS continuing to escalate racial tensions. Dare I even say it, hoping that violence and intimidation will result. Of course since his army of anarchists and black revolutionaries will be at the center of this mob, none of it will be considered criminal by our Attorney Generalissimo and his Department of Injustice.

Things are escalating, and now I hope that the majority of Americans are praying with me, not just hoping, that this President fails at bringing anymore “Hope and Change” to America.

Hope & Change in Obama’s 2nd Term?

NOPEPresident Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

President Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

So, what other plans does the President have for us if he is re-elected. If he thinks his “flexibility” was hindered this term, I am not HOPEful that we will survive the rest of the CHANGE he has in store for us. 

Missing Californians: Can you say John Galt?

Missing Californians.

SAVE THE DATE: Feb. 15, 2012 House committee to probe recess appointments – The Hill’s On The Money

Heads Up: Our own US Rep. Ted Poe sits on this committee!

House committee to probe recess appointments – The Hill’s On The Money.

Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) announced Monday that on Feb. 15, his committee will explore the constitutionality of the president’s move, accusing him of wrenching the Constitution out of shape and setting a “dangerous precedent” for future administrations. ~snip~

Obama used his recess appointment powers to put in place Richard Cordray as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as well as three members of the National Labor Relations Board. Cordray’s pick had already been block by a filibuster once in the Senate, and the NLRB nominees were expected to face fierce GOP opposition as well. ~snip~

The president’s move is already being challenged in court, as the National Right to Work Foundation has filed a motion challenging the legality of the move. Other business groups have suggested more court challenges questioning the legitimacy of the move could be forthcoming. ~snip~

The White House defended the moves, calling them a necessary step to allow those agencies to be fully up and running. Under the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that created the CFPB, the agency cannot fully realize its powers without a director, and NLRB membership had fallen below the quorum needed for it to function.

KW Stop the Rehab Meeting Tonight Monday, 10/3/11

Rep. Ted Poe’s representatives are attending this meeting!

WHAT: Mike Sullivan’s Town Hall meeting on Monday night
TOPIC: Stop KW Rehab in Residential area [MAP of rehab location]
TIME: 6:00pm
Woodridge Baptist Church [MAP]
                 5707 Kingwood Dr

More info & for updates:

Bring your friends and neighbors.

The proposed Rehab is a for-profit half-way house for men aged 35-65 who are recovering addicts to alcohol and drugs situated in a residential area right across the street from one school and down the road from a public elementary school. HIPPA regs mean past history of criminals, including sex offenders (children) will be hidden from public.

We already have a facility in Kingwood located near clinic. This is an infringement of our deed restrictions which was legislated by federal government. We encourage all who can attend to do so. Thanks, Robin

Here is the most recent email sent:

Kingwood Neighbors,

Today Texas State Representative Dan Huberty issued a letter to Mayor Parker to stand with the community against the Kingwood Drug Rehab facility.  Click the link:  Official-Letter-to-Mayor-Parker 

If you or anyone you know wants updates, please have them email me and ask to be added to our list.

We will continue to work on stopping this facility from opening.

Last point, I’m not sure if you all are aware, but Kingwood currently has a facility to help addiction, both inpatient and outpatient accommodations, Kingwood Pines Hospital, located at the front of Kingwood.  This is yet another reason that shows the proposed facility is about making a profit without the considerations of the surrounding area. 


Wade C.

Sarah Palin on Crony Capitalism: GE & Solyndra

Sarah Palin in IowaView the article on Facebook

In my recent speech in Iowa, some eyebrows were raised when I took on our government’s enormous economic problems caused by crony capitalism. As if on cue, just days later President Obama selected someone who exemplifies a major crony capitalism problem to sit next to the First Lady when he delivered his “jobs plan” speech before Congress. He selected General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt as his honored guest.

Having grown up with great respect for GE thanks to stories my grandfather shared with us about his days working for the company and even meeting GE spokesman-at-the-time Ronald Reagan during a company event, I am saddened at GE’s leadership evolution. This corporation is now the poster child of corporate welfare and crony capitalism.

This icon of American industry is a company full of good employees who make some good products (and is the parent company of a huge media outlet), but GE is also a large American corporation that pays virtually no corporate income taxes despite earning worldwide profits of $14.2 billion last year, $5.1 billion of it in the United States. In fact, they claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion, meaning they received more of our hard earned tax dollars than they contributed. How is that possible? It’s because not only do they shelter their money from taxes, but they also get many tax credits, loans, government grants, and other benefits from the federal government that our smaller businesses couldn’t even imagine being able to profit from.

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Dear Rep. Poe, KWTP Asks You to Reject the Speaker’s Proposal

At the risk of our opponents calling me delusional, here is the note I sent to Rep. Poe this afternoon when he emailed Jim to ask the Kingwood TEA Party’s opinion on the Boehner plan. I immediate sent out an email requesting the Board and Advisory Board members’ opinions. Here is the email that was sent to Rep. Poe early this evening:

Rep. Poe,

The Kingwood TEA Party’s official position on this issue is to REJECT Speaker Boehner’s proposal.

My poll however reveals that our Board is split, 3 – 2 in favor of REJECTING, and our Advisory Board that responded also settled on the side of rejecting the plan. Though none of us like Boehner’s plan, many recognize the fact that we don’t have the Senate behind us.

 All want the facts heavily promoted:

1 – BIG CONCERN: Not only will we be continuing overspending, but the debt will also accrue much faster as interest rates rise when our Nation’s credit rating is lowered and inflation takes off. This may be enough of a reason to stand our ground and reject Boehner’s plan for one with substantial rather than imaginary cuts.

2 – They are using the old trick of using the TARP & Stimulus inflated budgets as the base. It is deceitful and continues stimulus spending that helped to dig this hole so deep and  STIMULUS SPENDING DOES NOT WORK! You don’t get out of debt by calling a freeze on spending a cut. I’d go to jail if I tried it.

3 – It’s not cuts vs. default, but rather right vs. wrong. We don’t have to default unless our Legislature chooses to. It boils down to this: how much debt is too much? Stopping the overspending may hurt now but not nearly as much as it will when it all comes crashing down–as it will.

Several mentioned that your principled stand against fiscal irresponsibility precludes what will be seen as your caving. We’d love you to stand firm and reject it, but we haven’t heard from across the Nation. And the WE as in Kingwood TEA Party is definitely split and many think that political realities may necessitate a vote for this plan.

Best case scenario: House passes it and dems in Senate block it or President Obama vetoes. If it does go through, will we have to deal with it again before election? We REALLY would like this to be an election issue. They lost this debate–just have the seats to stop us.

Just don’t let them take a win here to spike the ball and declare victory–it needs to be a Pyrrhic victory for them. WE MUST COMMUNICATE THE 3 POINTS CLEARLY & OFTEN!

The final tally of the Kingwood TEA Party favors REJECTING Speaker Boehner’s plan. Thank you for your integrity and for your representation of us, Judge!



Robin Lennon
Kingwood TEA Party

Greasing Mr. Pickens

T.Boone Pickens is reportedly turning up the heat for passage of HR 1380, a cornocupia of subsidies and bennies for the natural gas business. Oddly enough T.Boone has substantial interests in promoting, at our cost, his plan to increase use of nat gas as a transportation fuel.

The T.Boone-backed proposal would produce a host of goodies for the industry: subsidies totaling $11,500 per car; $64,000 for commercial natural gas trucks, depending on their size; and up to $100,000 for retailers to install natural gas infrastructure at filling stations. Pickens estimates we’re looking at about 5 billion / year but toss in the tab for passenger-vehicle subsidy at an assumed sales rate of 1 million natural gas cars and 100,000 small natural gas trucks each year, and the price tag would be $13.8 billion per year, without counting the bigger subsidies for large trucks and filling stations.

Among the 182 bi-partisan co-sponsors we count Texas congress members Joe Barton, Kevin Brady, Gene Green, John Carter, Henry Cuellar, John Culberson, Louie Gohmert, Al Green, Kay Granger, Ralph Hall, Ruben Hinojosa, SJL, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Kenny Marchant, Mike McCaul, Ron Paul, Silvestre Reyes, Pete Sessions, Lamar Smith, Blake Farenthold, Mac Thornberry, and Ted Poe

Memory is tricky but we seem to recall several of these members achieved office based on professed fealty to limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. We haven’t reviewed contribution reports, if you’ve got the time drop us a line. And place a call to your member, we’d be interested in the explanations of how greasing Mr. Pickens comports with claimed conservative creds.

HR 1380 sits in the Ways & Means Committee. Let’s see that it dies there.

VIDEO: Rainy Day Fund – Former Approp Cmte Chairman Talmadge Heflin

TPPC joins Gov. Perry and Texas Tea Parties asking our legislature NOT to raid the Rainy Day Fund because next session may have an even larger deficit.

Tallmadge Heflin explains why leaving as much money as possible in the private sector is important!