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Monday, 7/16/12 KWTP – Meet Christy Craddick, Candidate, RR Commr., Los Cucos-KW

Christy Craddick, Candidate, Railroad Commr.Monday, July 16, 2012; 7 pm mtg;
(3rd Monday of month – reg. mtg)

Meet Christy Craddick,
Candidate, Railroad Commr.
Los Cucos – Kingwood, Texas [MAP]

Come early to dine. Please RSVP
        23730 Highway 59 North
        Kingwood, Texas 77339

TED CRUZ at KWTP TOMORROW, 6/18/12 at Los Cucos-Kingwood, 7-8:30 pm

Ted CruzTED CRUZ is Coming to Kingwood to Say
“We’re not finished yet: Don’t forget to vote in the Runoff and bring your conservative friends with you!”
Mon., 6/18, Los Cucos-Kingwood, 7pm

Friends/Neighbors Registered to Vote: Check here so you can help them if they’re not.

Ted Cruz:This is ground zero in the fight between the moderate establishment and the conservative TEA Party tidal wave that is sweeping this country!

If you’ve already RSVP’d, no need to do so again. The count helps ensure that we have enough seats for everyone. Hope you can join us on Monday. Come early if you’d like to dine, we’re expecting a crowd.

Ted’s Rockin’ Intro video from the State Convention

Robin and I just spent the last few days at the Texas Republican State Convention. Ted Cruz was the overwhelming center of attention and the passionate choice of 80+% of the Republican delegates in attendance who nearly blew the roof off of the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena when he addressed the delegates on Saturday.

KWTP MEMBERS: Bring your camera or camcorder. We’re looking for  some good footage of Ted and the Kingwood TEA Party crowd to put up on the website.

Want to help Ted get elected? Visit the Cruz Crew website and see how you can help!

Recommended by Kingwood TEA Party Advisory Board and endorsed by :

Sarah Palin,Rick Santorum, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, Ron Paul, National Review, George Will, Freedom Works PAC, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Kelly Shackelford, Peggy Venable, Cathie Adams, Dr. James Dobson, Gun Owners of America, Young Conservatives of Texas, David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders, TEA Party leaders and grassroots conservatives across the state of Texas.

Who Is Ted Cruz, and What Does He Believe?




  • DATE: Monday, 5/21/12 at 7 – 8:30 pm
  • WHERE: IncrEDIBLE Delights
  • LOCATION: 20114 Pinehurst Drive
    at Old Atascocita Country Club MAP
  • Please RSVP!

Come and hear Rep. Poe’s update on what’s going on in DC. This is also our chance to discuss the issues of interest to us.

Harris County Tax Assessor Don Sumners will also be here to discuss Voter Fraud in Harris County and what his office does to prevent it.

Also speaking will be Michael Galloway, TX Sen. Tommy Williams’ opponent, telling us why it’s in our best interests to elect him to the District 4 Senate seat in Austin. Come see why the KWTP Board and our friends at the Texas Patriots PAC recommend Mr. Galloway in this race.

at the Old Atascocita Country Club on Pinehurst

4/23/12 NEXT MONDAY: TX State Sen. Dan Patrick on 2012 TX Electoral Process

KWTP Special Meeting w/ Sen. Dan Patrick

On the Political Ramifications of TX Primary 2012

  • DATE: Monday, 4/23/12
  • TIME: 7 -8:30 PM
  • WHERE: Los Cucos-Kingwood [MAP]

Please RSVP to make sure there are enough seats. Thank you kindly!

NO KWTP Meeting TONIGHT 1/16/12 / NEXT MEETING 2/20/12 at Los Cucos, 7 pm

NO Kingwood Tea Party meeting tonight,  Monday 1/16/12!

Our meeting with Congressman Poe took place on Monday, 1/9/12 (only day he was available at this time).

NEXT MEETING: Monday night, 2/20/12 with Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a conservative candidate running for the US Senate in the Texas Republican primary.

Ted is the Tea Party favorite in this race getting nearly 50% of the Texas Saddle Up votes both in the texting poll as well as the on-site poll, and is the favorite of conservative leaders nationwide.

Endorsed by Sen. Jim DeMint, Mike Hall, Erick Erickson of Red State, Freedom Works PAC, Michael Farris – Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Assn., Senator Mike Lee, Constitutional Conservatives Fund Chairman, Mark Levin – Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, US Sen. Rand Paul, Kelly Shackelford – President of Liberty Institute, Peggy Venable – Taxpayer Advocate, and David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders among others.

National Review: “Cruz Control”

George Will: “In Ted Cruz, A Candidate as Good as It Gets”

National Review Cover: Ted Cruz – “The Next Great Conservative Hope”

Ted Cruz lit up the conservative, Tea Party leaning crowd on Friday and Saturday at the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll.  The Saddle Up Texas Straw Pool was the place to be last weekend as conservative leaders and office holders from around the state gathered with an enthusiastic conservative crowd of concerned citizen activists.

The results of the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll can be found on their site at the following link: .

Congressman Ted Poe at next meeting of KWTP on Thursday, 1/12/12, 7pm – Los Cucos Kingwood

Happy New Year!Welcome in the New Year
with Rep. Ted Poe & Kingwood TEA Party
Thursday, January 12, 2012
Los Cucos – Kingwood [MAP]
Please RSVP – we’re expecting a crowd!

The Kingwood Tea Party will be hosting Congressman Ted Poe at a special gathering on Thursday, January 12’th at 7pm at Los Cucos.

Congressman Poe will update us on the ongoing fight in Washington between Constitutionally Limited government and the metastasizing Democrat Dictatorship that is swallowing up our inalienable rights, one after another.

If you are concerned about our irresponsible America-phobic President, the spending, the debt, and our eroding rights, please plan on attending.  Congressman Poe is also one of the few elected officials that understands the dreadful danger on the Texas – Mexico border and has been taking concrete action to help our law enforcement officials. The pedal hits the medal this April (primary) and November. We need everyone’s help to get ready.

This is your chance to let Congressman Poe know what you think of his standing up for constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and capitalistic free markets on a daily basis, as our Representative in Washington.

Please RSVP as soon as possible.  There should be a large, spirited crowd.

We should also have open Q & A period as is the custom of the Kingwood Tea Party, so you may be able to engage the Congressman in a conversation on the subject of your choice.   We will try to take as many good questions as possible.

Thurs. 10/6/11 KWTP Gen Mtg – Los Cucos: Informal Houston Candidates for Mayor and At-Large 1, 2, & 3

When:                Thursday, October 6th
Time:                   7:00 pm
Where:              Los Cucos Kingwood    MAP
What:                Houston Mayor & City Council Candidates
:                  Fernando Herrera, Mayor
                             Scott Boates, City Council At Large 1 
                             Eric Dick: City Council At Large 2 
                             Chris Carmona: City Council At Large 3 

Each candidate will be given some time to introduce themselves and then answer questions and engage in conversation with the always insightful KWTP members.

The struggle to re install constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets begins on November with the election for Mayor of Houston and the many seats on City Council.

Come on out and meet the candidates that can help turn Houston into a Sanctuary City for Corporations, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business.  Since thrmost effective “safety net” is a healthy economy.

Please join us in vetting the conservative candidates that can be our voice on City Council.

MICHAEL QUINN SULLIVAN of EMPOWER TEXANS: Mon., 9/19 at Los Cucos–Kingwood, 7 pm.


Michael Quinn SullivanMonday, Sept. 19 at Los Cucos–Kingwood, 7 pm.

Los Cucos–Kingwood MAP

Please RSVP. Come early to dine with us (they don’t charge us for the room–it’s a nice way to say thank you if you can!)

Please read these two articles to better prepare your questions for our guest, Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans.

Big Presence Creates Big Influence on (Texas) Lawmakers

Redistricting. Election Threats, and the Texas Senate

Magnifying Glass on Houston City Hall: Thur., 9/1/11, 7 pm, Spring Creek BBQ

Kingwood TEA Party is pleased to present:"Boss" Parker
Magnifying Glass on Houston City Hall
Thur., 9/1/11, 7 pm, Spring Creek BBQ

Houston City Hall or the best little Tammany Hall in Texas? It’s up to us.

Confirmed Candidates:

Meeting Information

  • Date: Thursday, 9/1/11
  • Time: 7 pm
    Come early and dine with us!
  • Location: Spring Creek BBQ – Atascocita
  • MAP
  • Please click here to RSVP.

City-wide council candidates discuss opportunities, pitfalls and current situation in run up to November city elections. City Hall intimately affects your quality of life and cost of living; ignore this election at your peril. KWTP Discussion format.

Please join us! Meet, question and provide feedback to these candidates for local office.

Sen. Dan Patrick visits KWTP Monday, Aug. 15 at Los Cucos – Kingwood, 7 pm

Join us. Sen. Patrick will speak for about 20 minutes and then take questions from the TEA Party and the audience.

Will Texas’ Planned Shortfall lead us in the same direction that Greece and the US government are careening &

When Will Texas Get Serious about the Tenth Amendment?

Date: Monday, 8/15/11
Time: 7 pm (Earlier to dine)
Location: Los Cucos – Kingwood (MAP)
Come early and dine with us!

RSVP‘s greatly appreciated. Dining in if possible is also a great way to say thank you to Los Cucos for the use of their meeting room! Please join us if you can!