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Social Security by Choice: The Experience of Three Texas Counties | NCPA

Social Security by Choice: The Experience of Three Texas Counties | Publications | National Center for Policy Analysis | NCPA.

CPAC Videos: SARAH, Daniel Hannan, & Gov. Jindal

Also a must-watch: Daniel Hannon

And here’s Gov. Jindal who is doing things in Louisiana that RINOs and Statists say can’t be done. Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Rep. Straus: are you listening?

VIDEO: Sarah Palin at Iowa State Fair

One of Walter Williams’ “Irksome Things” or “On Politics & Intelligence”

There are a lot of things, large and small, that irk me. One of them is our tendency to evaluate a presidential candidate based on his intelligence or academic credentials. When Obama threw his hat in the ring, people thought he was articulate and smart and hailed his intellectual credentials. Just recently, when Newt Gingrich announced his candidacy, people hailed his intellectual credentials and smartness as well.

By contrast, the intellectual elite and mainstream media people see Sarah Palin as stupid, a loose cannon and not to be trusted with our nuclear arsenal. There was another presidential candidate who was also held to be stupid and not to be trusted with our nuclear arsenal who ultimately became president — Ronald Reagan. I don’t put much stock into whether a political leader is smart or not because, as George Orwell explained, “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

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Sarah Palin’s Comments: After “The Undefeated” viewing

Sarah Palin’s Speech 4/16 in Madison, WI

Yesterday in Madison, WI, shouting over the weather and union thugs and rent-a-mob shaking coins in cans and shouting to drown her out. You tell ’em, Sarah! She called them union thugs and rent-a-mob to their faces. Can you imagine any of our G.O.P. leaders doing that?

Sarah Palin Understands the Tea Parties!

Excerpt from Hong Kong speech: (from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page)

So far, I’ve given you the view from Main Street, USA. But now I’d like to share with you how a Common Sense Conservative sees the world at large.

Later this year, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – an event that changed not just Europe but the entire world. In a matter of months, millions of people in formerly captive nations were freed to pursue their individual and national ambitions.

The competition that defined the post World War II era was suddenly over. What was once called “the free world” had so much to celebrate – the peaceful end to a great power rivalry and the liberation of so many from tyranny’s grip.

Continue reading for her understanding of the Tea Party movement…

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