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4th of July Reflection: More Government = Less Freedom

COMMENTARY: Florida has Rubio and Col. West. Now It’s Texas’ turn!

Jim DeMint's SCF Endorses Ted Cruz for US Senate

Endorsed by Sen. Jim de Mint.

Ted Cruz: The Tea Party  Grassroots Republican Conservative Texans’ Candidate

by Robin H. Lennon

I have been supporting Ted Cruz since I first met him nearly a year and a half ago. The longer I’ve known him, the more I respect him, and the greater my belief that Ted Cruz is THE Senator Texas needs on the floor of the U.S. Senate this coming January.

Over time as Washington, D.C. became increasingly more spendthrift and progressive (excepting only a handful of stalwart warriors), the People of Texas have remained true to our principles but our elected officials have too often been politicians who forgot or ignored what our U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law were all about.

Tonight, however, I stood in a crowd of passionate constitutionalists like myself, listening to a man articulate our principles and values without apology. Like us, Ted Cruz knows that true self-esteem develops when individuals work hard to accomplish their goals or to overcome great obstacles. No one can give self-esteem to another; it is earned by hard work. Like self-esteem, property belongs to the individual who earned it. One’s right to the fruits of one’s own labor and the right to protect it are the marks of free men since time immemorial. As John Adams once said, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.”

Fighting today’s creeping anarchy and tyranny, Ted Cruz will stand shoulder to shoulder with Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Mike Hall, and all the other constitutionalists in the U. S. Senate who understand that as government increases, liberty decreases. When the government decides who will receive medical treatment, chooses which businesses succeed and which fail, or where we can drill for oil in Alaska or Texas, everyone’s freedoms are diminished little by little until freedom no longer exists.

The choice for Texans today is between two men. Lt. Governor Dewhurst, who undermined the passing of the TSA anti-groping bill in the Texas Senate because the Obama Administration threatened to declare the State of Texas a no-fly zone, says he cut spending even as Texas spending rose dramatically, and voted for an incognito personal income tax. The second, of course, is Ted Cruz who has a proven track record of fighting for conservative causes for Texans under Attorney General Greg Abbott even when the President of the United States stood with the U.N. against Texas.

As the race tightens up, and a runoff is almost certain, Lt. Governor Dewhurst has unleashed his hordes of dollars to jam the airwaves with more unfounded accusations that Ted Cruz favors amnesty and is against using E-verify to stem the flow of illegal aliens into our State. Dewhurst has refused to discuss the issues before the People of Texas over 30 times during this protracted Primary season, and now he accuses Mr. Cruz of being weak on State Sovereignty. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Dewhurst is accusing Cruz of his own sorry record.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: His earlier unfounded accusations were presented to Cruz supporters using Occupy-like tactics: shouting in our faces while holding cell phones in our faces to record our shock. My shock was that a supposedly conservative candidate would authorize, let alone pay such a princely sum to the three who crashed our green room where Jim and I waited for our turn to shoot a Ted Cruz commercial.

One of my fellow supporters at tonight’s event told me that what strikes him the most about Ted Cruz is that Ted knows what he believes and why he believes it. Having memorized and studied the Constitution during middle school and speaking on it as well as on the thoughts of Hayek, and Mises at Oratory contests through high school, Ted learned young what many of us are learning late in life—that the Founding Fathers formed our government to protect us from government run amok, and with good reason. We need his principled leadership and constitutional authority on the floor of the U.S. Senate next January.

Ted Cruz is supported by FreedomWorks; the Tea Party Express; by the Texas Patriots PACGrassroots America We the People; the Advisory Board members of the Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.; as well as Tea Party leaders all across the State.  It became even clearer that Ted Cruz is the Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senator from the great State of Texas when former Alaska  Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed him last week (halfway into the poll that shows the Lt. Gov’s lead dwindled to less than 10 points).

However, Mr. Cruz, is much more than just the Tea Party candidate. He is also the candidate of grassroots Republicans across Texas, and of constitutionalists across the State. So many local Republicans who have been fighting the good fight in the trenches for years are welcoming us newer Tea Partiers to fight along side of them as we work to bring our country back to the Rule of Law and its foundational Truths of Liberty, Temperance, and blind Justice for all. We stand united behind Ted Cruz.

But he won’t be able to go to Washington to join the fight for constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and individual liberty unless Texans stand united and brush off the ennui of the long Primary season and VOTE for Cruz today.

Donate to the Cruz campaign for our freedom, our children’s freedom, and for the hope of freedom today and in the future. On second thought, don’t vote alone, take others with you to the polls to support Texas’ own Ted Cruz. Every dollar donated will go to media to counter the Lt. Governor’s scurrilous attack ads. Jim and I are donating today; I hope you will, too!

Florida has Rubio and Col. West. Now it’s Texas’ turn!

Join us in sending the BEST Senatorial candidate to the U. S. Senate to fight for Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets so American Exceptionalism is once more a reality!


Crushing Liberty to Protect Status Quo

Original Article by George Will

Lady Liberty Cries

Lady Liberty is under attack.
Will anyone defend her?

Commentary by Robin Lennon

“(NASHVILLE, TN) Bokhari bought a black Lincoln sedan and began offering cut-rate rides — an average of $25 — to and from the airport, around downtown and in neighborhoods not well served by taxis. After one year he had 12 cars. Now he has 20, and 15 independent contractors with their own cars, and a Web site, and lots of customers. He also has some enemies, including the established taxi and sedan companies and a city government that is, as interventionist governments generally are, devoted to regulations that protect the strong by preserving the status quo.

With the quiet support of the taxi companies, which have not raised rates since Bokhari and some similar entrepreneurs went into business, the limo companies got regulators to require a $45 minimum charge for any ride. Not content with that gross injury, government added crippling insults: It limited the age of cars and number of miles on them — regardless of the cars’ condition — and forbade dispatches via cellphones, which is how start-up limo companies operate.”

This happened with UPS and Fed Ex, Solyndra, GM. It’s why all the major companies and banks kowtow to the government and why the cost of living continues to rise along with the tax burden on productive Americans.

Our freedoms that had been slowly eroding over the last century are being destroyed by leaps and bounds. And now, we have POTUS continuing to escalate racial tensions. Dare I even say it, hoping that violence and intimidation will result. Of course since his army of anarchists and black revolutionaries will be at the center of this mob, none of it will be considered criminal by our Attorney Generalissimo and his Department of Injustice.

Things are escalating, and now I hope that the majority of Americans are praying with me, not just hoping, that this President fails at bringing anymore “Hope and Change” to America.

MUST SEE: Anti-Hollywood ‘Act of Valor’ a soldier’s soldiering film about the SEALs

Anti-Hollywood 'Act of Valor' a soldier's soldiering film about the SEALs – Washington Times.

A good movie to see for so many reasons. Robin

Of Buses, Forced Technology & Choices

Buses, Forced Technology, & Fiscal Responsibility

Join us on September 8, 2011 at Spring Creek Barbeque in Atascocita, 7 pm.

A president who can’t differentiate between good developing technology, reasonable technological advances, and the burden of spending taxpayer money before development of that emerging technology becomes feasible has proven himself undeserving of the trust the American people have placed in him.

Only capitalism with the constant pressures of competition generated by the prudent buying choices of the American people has been able to place expensive technology like microwaves , computers, and big screen televisions in the homes of many of our “poor.”

The constant cries of the statists for us to “give” the poor everything has made them dependent on government handouts, convinced they are not capable enough to compete in today’s market, or just plain vindictive against people now living that had nothing to do with injustices that may have happened to their ancestors. (Many of our poor are minorities, but far from all ever had ancestors who were slaves. ) These people are now slaves on the new plantation of modern progressivism where the government makes their decisions for all of us, doling out the money of productive citizens to buy the votes that will enslave the new, ever upwardly defined “poor” even further.

The problem is it takes gargantuan amounts of money to continue this enforced slavery, even while it enslaves productive workers by forcing them to work nearly for free while their much of their money goes to keep these politicians in government and non-workers voting for them. (I do not include those who truly cannot work, our veterans,  or children in disastrous circumstances–though I  do believe even they would be better served by our Churches and non-profit organizations).

As more and more Americans fall into the pit of government dependence, it will cost more and more, while productive Americans realize that working hard and sacrificing their time and effort for ever decreasing returns on their investment is more easily accomplished on foreign soil where business is enticed rather than vilified. (I did not even mention how much American money has been sent to foreign countries to stimulate their economies and banks even as our own have floundered.) On a date in the not too distant future if we continue on this path, the greatest Nation on earth will fall. Yes, I believe it is that serious.

The progressives are proud of their minimum wage laws (which were originally intended by unions to keep blacks from being hired) even though they result in new workers trying to breaking into the business world from getting those important first jobs that are really job training opportunities. Then they blame the appalling 50% unemployment rate of black teenagers on big business which has been filling gaps in America’s educational system, and families that no longer function thanks to the progressive’s educational and social beliefs.

When will we stop permitting them to innovate when everything they do has disastrous results which they then throw more of our money at?

I say, “Draw the line in the sand and make November, 2012 our final limit.” Help Kingwood TEA Party to make  the ultimate difference in the direction our Nation has been sinking. Step up and help us organize our neighborhoods to CHANGE IT BACK! And I’m not referring to back to 2006 standards when even the elected Republicans were progressives light–I mean back to a constitutionally limited and fiscally responsible government that really does promote the General Welfare by not getting in the way of entrepreneurial Americans with increasingly higher taxes, overwhelming government regulations, and recently, spitefulness and vindictiveness.

Since when do we Americans sit idly by while a President of the United State appoints socialists and Marxists as his advisors and permits them to bypass Congress with regulations the government enforces even as it ignores Laws of the Land passed by our legislature?

Check out our Getting Involved (was Voter Outreach) page and join us–we need your help!

Robin Lennon
Founder, President, Kingwood TEA Party

A Balanced Approach – A Commentary by Robin Lennon of the Kingwood TEA Party

Robin Lennon of the Kingwood TEA PArtyA commentary by Robin Lennon of the Kingwood TEA Party on the so-called “Balanced Approach” the President and the progressives want us to take in solving the debt crisis that was made astronomically worse by their failed economic policies.               

My Response to KW Dems President on our KWTP Facebook

My Response, July 23, 2011

Egberto, you like to say that you are 95% in agreement with Tea Partiers, but I beg to differ. Such a statement ignores the crux of our differences. The truth of the matter is that we probably only have 5% in common.

After one of our candidate forums you attended you told me that the problem with our tyrannical government is not its philosophy or policies but that the men and women implementing them are corrupt—flawed.

About the flawed nature of the politicians we are agreed. Where we differ is that I believe, along with our Founding Fathers, that every man, woman, and child is flawed. We are sinful creatures and as Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
By now, those who know history realize that the unrealistic premises of progressivism have been with us for a long time. They rely on a false premise—that man has evolved beyond the baseness of violence and intolerance. PHOOEY. Anyone who has read of the atrocities committed by Hitler and some of his followers, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, and the progressive’s favorite, Mao know that only men whose hearts are rooted in God can mirror Him more nearly and leave the violence, greed, and other deadly sins behind.

Men who tried to tell Saddam Hussein the truths he did not want to hear were blasted into kingdom come across the table. Don’t tell me that we can ALWAYS negotiate today. I know better. You cannot negotiate with evil tyrants.

Socialism, Marxism, collectivism has failed because it does not see human nature as it is. In the early days of our American history, socialism was tried both secularly and religiously. Those who have read their history know why progressives downplay our Thanksgiving story. It’s not because we are thanking God, it’s because the entire story is rooted in the fact that the socialist agenda FAILED. When everyone was working and distributing their food to all according to need, William Bradford found that men did not work as long or as hard, and that women had this pain or that excuse not to work in the fields. When he ended the socialist decrees and allowed each family to farm a plot for their own needs, the scarcity became a thing of the past. Yes, the Indians helped them through hard times and that is a wonderful part of the story of God’s Providence, but the real story was the failure of the collectivist system in America.

Egberto, you state that you agree with 95% of what we Tea Partiers believe. If that is the case you know that any time a particular group reaches ascendancy in a government and forcibly implements their agenda, they are acting as tyrants, because WE believe that every man has the God-given right to think and act for himself. Hate crimes are anathema because no MAN knows how another thinks; only what someone else FEELS that person thinks, so man must be judged solely on his actions.

As for having so much in common, Tea Partiers know that more government means less freedom. When progressives declared abortion a right, they began forcing me to pay my tax money to a government that spends it on contraceptives and Planned Parenthood which makes obscene profits on the blood of our next generation—blacks at highest percentages of all.

So about health care? It is not one of the enumerated powers of the federal government and must be returned to the States and the People along with many other encroaching non-elected agencies. Any government that decides how all people must think and act is a tyranny and the more it gets away with it the more it does until you have the Pete Starks in Washington telling We the People that there is nothing Congress or this President cannot do.

Egberto, the Kingwood TEA Party likes open discussion more than most, but we believe that words have meaning. There is such a thing as Truth and we believe that history is important to every discussion for the insights into man’s enduring nature. You are welcome to post messages and discuss here, but please include footnotes (links or actual sources), (not from a Coffee Party member) and documentable historical facts, or don’t post. I really don’t believe we have much in common. The Kingwood Tea Party believes in Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, and we do not support our current government spending our nation into oblivion.


Robin Lennon
President, Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.

The Two Faces of the Tea Party by Matthew Continetti with commentary

From the Weekly Standard. CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

Second, the Tea Party is unified in opposition to the policies that it believes put America in its current predicament. It’s opposed to bailouts, which favor the wealthy and connected. It’s opposed to out-of-control spending at every level of government. It’s opposed to an expansive state that subsidizes bad behavior while accruing more and more power for itself, opposed to a limitless government that nonetheless fails in the basic duties of securing the borders, regulating the financial sector, and keeping America safe…

These beliefs support a political message with great promise. The bad economy and the Obama administration’s liberal agenda have produced widespread voter discontent. The president’s approval rating has declined significantly since his inauguration. Support for Congress is at record lows. The idea that economic distress would cause the American people to embrace the federal government has been exposed as hokum. In April, the Pew Research Center released a survey that concluded, “by almost every conceivable measure Americans are less positive and more critical of government.” The center’s pollsters found that, “rather than an activist government to deal with the nation’s top problems, the public now wants government reformed and growing numbers want its power curtailed.”

On bailouts, stimulus, and health care, the public is closer to the Tea Party than to the Democratic party. This is one reason why, despite the unpopularity of both major parties, voters are focusing their anger on Democratic incumbents. In a recent Gallup poll, 49 percent of respondents said the Democratic party was “too liberal.” That’s only one point less than the record, which Gallup measured in 1994. An NPR poll last week of battleground House districts found Republicans leading Democrats by eight points on the generic ballot…

Nevertheless, while most Americans disapprove of the Obama Democrats, they do not back a full-scale revolt against the government. They do not support the abolition of the welfare state. They may want to repeal Obama-care, but they do not want to repeal the 20th century.

Does the author really not see how the pervasive progressive belief in atheism, and decontruction, that words have no meaning and there is no truth, have infected our courts, our schools, our politics, and our very lives. Does he not realize how totally regulated we are by our government, and how much this runaway government is taking over private industry in this country?

As my mother used to say, “Genug ist genug!” or “Enough is enough!” It is indeed enough, and I can only hope that the American people have the will to see us through to the other side of November and beyond.

The author sees the bailouts as evil because of the audacity of their size and scope one presumes, but how can one not see how the government’s meddling in families and our pocketbooks via the welfare state and medicare has decimated the family. A society that does not rely on extended family to take of each other comes to depend on the government. One would expect abortion to be acceptable, high taxes the norm, and the families in disarray, marriage penalties the norm. Hmmm. Sounds, familiar to me.

And how did we get such an agenda? Well, how did the liberals and progressives take over our universities and courts? They couldn’t legislate their way in until activist judges began ruling their agenda in. It may not be a conspiracy of men, but it is definitely a conspiracy of untenable thoughts and ideas promulgated by ivory tower academicians whose thoughts and ideas seem to be teflon-coated from the adverse effects they have when implemented.

Very similar to the Greeks and Aristotlean physics. Thoughts didn’t need to be tested in the real world and quantified. You just thought them. Well, give me the true scientific thought rooted in the scientific method back. Real scientists, like real men need to divorce their careers and pay from government handouts. It’s time to realize that men and women are capable of taking care of themselves when educated in history, philosophy, logic, and the world as it really is rather than as progressives “think” it is.

We like the FDA? Then we must also like the expense of prescription drugs. Not every drug researched and developed actually works with minimal side effects. So for every drug marketed, there are many man-hours of research and development that don’t pay off. Extend the approval time, and increase the costs of lawsuits when the drugss have unexpected side effects even after FDA-approval, and yes, Virginia, drug companies will need to mark-up the price of the drugs that succeed to stay in business.

Just as lumber companies have to charge enough to allow for replanting trees (takes land, and judicious cutting to balance). The cost must go up. Give me understandable motives like greed and success. I can deal with self-interest much better than I can unwarranted payback to people who work behind closed doors to cement their political power and pass 3000 page legislation so we can see what’s in it!

We must stop allowing progressives and our neighbors from vilifying the bankers who were REQUIRED by law to make bad loans, the evil pharmaceuticals who had to raise prices on prescription drugs to stay in business. Let’s place the blam where it belongs, on politicians who pass laws the federal government has no constitutional basis for passing. Indivividuals mucking in the marketplace who have no idea what their  doing other than paying political allies back and lining their own nests.

When someone runs for Congress, instead of only us Tea Partiers having to disclose our donors, every politician should have to place their total wealth on the internet. Every year it should be updated for the at least ten years after they retire from government office. Politicians should not get wealthy at our expense and then tell us that we enjoy revisiting our values as we tighten our budgets.

Apologies for the diatribe–I think the author must of hit one or two of my hot buttons…

My Response to the Continuing Republican Party Appeal for Funds:

We don’t trust the Republican Party to give our money to CONSERVATIVE candidates anymore. If you have truly CONSERVATIVE candidates you’d like to support, please bring them to our attention. We will happily give our donations to conservative candidates who are running, but many, if not most of us, will not give it to the Republican Party machine.
Fight the good fight and we will be behind you, but if you try to give us Arlen Specter or John McCain, you will be alone. It was a Republican back room deal that gave us Arlen Specter and lost us Rick Santorum. We no longer have any loyalty to Republicans per se, but only to true fiscal, constitutionally-grounded conservatives who will help us turn away from the socialistic path this country is on, and reestablish Free Markets in a land of freedom and individual responsibility.

Robin Lennon
Kingwood TEA Party, Founder