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FYI: Friends of Ted Cruz; Press Conference on Thurs., 9:30 am on 1/26/12 at Sheraton Suites in Houston near Galleria

From Jon McClellan with the Ted Cruz Campaign:

US Senatorial Candidate Ted Cruz, TXFriends,

Recently the Fort Worth Star-Telegram described the US Senate race as “pitting Tea Party members against the party establishment” and that “David Dewhurst may be Texas grassroots enemy No. 1 right now.”

In light of this recent story we would like to invite you to a special press conference announcing some exciting news…..that you will have to attend the press conference to find out.

  • WHEN:   Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2012
  • TIME:      9:30-10:30 am
  • WHERE: Sheraton Suites Houston near The Galleria
    Elderberry Room
    2400 West Loop South
    Houston, TX 77027

Please RSVP to Jon McClellan, Ted Cruz for Senate Political Director 512-637-8777 , office,  if you can attend this event and feel free to invite some fellow Ted Cruz supporters to join you.

Primary Election Results

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Resolution PDFs

For your convenience, I have formatted and uploaded the following for your printing ease. I hope they are helpful. If you have any you’d like to add, please put them in the comments section below. I am collecting them for the next Primary, even though we’ve run out of time for this election cycle.

Remember to bring at least five copies with you. I know they say 3, but that is for you to turn in. It is helpful to have one for you to refer to and one to pass around (hoping there’s a crowd!).

Abolition of Property Tax in State of Texas

Taxpayer Funded Lobbying in Texas

Resolution to Reframe Transportation Planning

Initiative & Referendum Rights

Defense of Self and Others

Defense of Property

Defense of Persons and Property

Montgomery County Primary Election Information

Thank you, Sunee!!

 Sample Ballots
 List of Certified Write-In Candidates
 Information on Voting in the November Election 

Check your voter status;
find your voting precinct with polling location
map, picture, and directions;
and get links to your elected officials.


Montgomery County Elections: (More info)

Elections Administrator/Voter Registrar

Montgomery County Elections Information
March 2, 2010

Democratic and Republican Primary Elections



 Voting Locations Map
 Voting Locations, Dates and Times
 Early Voting Turnout



 Election Locations Map

 Voting Locations




  Constitutional Amendments on November 3, 2009 Election
 League of Women Voters – Guide to Amendments
 Election Notice 

Precinct by Precinct Report
 Canvass Report



  Conroe ISD Cumulative Report
  Conroe ISD Precinct by Precinct Report
  Willis ISD Cumulative Report
  Willis ISD Precinct by Precinct Report

MUST READ: House 127 Primary Race Heats Up – Houston Community Newspapers Online – News Around Town

Primary race for House 127 heats up ahead of election Atascocita Observer News Houston Community Newspapers Online – News Around Town.

You are invited to the most important TEA Party this year—Your Own Precinct Convention!!!

You are invited to help prepare for the Nov. 2 elections immediately after the polls close on Mar. 2!!!

All you have to do is vote in your party primary and then attend the most important TEA Party of all–your preceinct convention the evening of the Primary election, March 2 after the polls close. Most occur at your precinct polling place that evening. To qualify, you have to have voted in the Primary (early voting or that day.)

The three important tasks of the convention are:

1 – Vote for a permanent Precinct Chairman,
2 – Pass resolutions for the Party platform, and
3 – Elect representatives to attend the Senate District Conventions.

If you are tired of where the “Parties” have taken our country, this is your chance to get involved and really make a difference. If you are not familiar with Precinct Conventions, I have placed Larry Lane’s very informative 11/30/10 talk on Precinct Conventions below.

Want to bring some resolutions to your precinct convention to vote on–help us craft some! We have a separate site to collect, review and discuss resolutions. We will all work on them and you will be able to print out the final versions to take with you to your precincts for consideration. I’m told you’ll need to bring at least three copies of any resolution you wish to present.

We’ll go over our resolutions submissions at our

March 1, 2010  Kingwood TEA Party Society meeting
Los Cucos-Kingwood
(Near Texas Roadhouse on 59 N).
Meeting starts at 7 pm.

Come early and dine with us!

After watching the first Precinct Convention video, click on “More” and you will find the other four videos. We hope these are useful. Thank you, Larry for your time and effort putting this talk together for us!

Precinct Conventions 1 of 5 videos: 

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Harris County Early Voting Locations & Times (NOT standard 7 am – 7 pm)

Click here to see/download Early Voting Locations & Times (pdf file).


Repub Primary Voters ALERT: Precinct Chair Races Are Below the Propositions

From the Houston Tea Party Society (Originally from Ed Hubbard):

Normally, all races come before the propositions on the ballot.  However, when the GOP set up the ballot for the 2010 Primary, they put the precinct chair races below the propositions.

Please pass this information on to your lists to reach other voters who intend to vote in the Republican Primary this spring, so they know to go all the way down the ballot and vote for the important position of Harris County  Republican Party Chair!

Harris County Primary Sample Ballots & Early Voting Information

Republican Primary 2010 Sample Ballot – English

Democratic Primary 2010 Sample Ballot – English

Please VOTE & Don’t forget to attend your Precinct Convention the evening of the Primary.
Apply to be a Pollworker

Judge Napolitano Speaks Out on the Constitution

Part 1:

Click on more for Parts 2 & 3.

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