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Deborah, Erin, Martha, Kay Dene, Robin in Tomball Community Center for Cruz Dewhurst faceoffRobin and Jim working at Ted Cruz Houston HreadquartersThe view from the podium during Ted Cruz's Victory speech July 31 2012Sherrif Candidate Louis Guthrie at KWTP meeting in July 2012Robin with Eva after Eva gave David Dewhurst what for at the Tomball Cruz Dewhurst faceoff in July 2012Robin working her last minute spreadsheet magic to properly man the Harris County polling places for Ted Cruz, two nights before early voting.
Robin, Deborah, Susanna at Cruz Headquarters two nights before early voting began.Gus and Jean at Ted Cruz Victory  Party - July 31, 2012Daniel Ledoux, The Patriot with Ted Poe at July 4 parade 2012July 4'th 2010Gus and Joe at KWTP booth on Fourth of July 2012Julie Turner at the Ted Cruz rally watching Sarah Palin
Gus at KWTP meeting to evaluate Sherrif CandidatesJeremy and Mary Carol representing the KWTP at rally in front of the Supreme Court March 2012Bryce Howe and Bob Price at Ted Cruz Victory CelebrationSarah Palin in the crowd at The WoodlandsRobin and Jim on podium to the left at Ted Cruz Victory rallyJim and robin at Tec Cruz Victory Party
Sarah Palin after her speech comes over to say helloSarah Palin Jim Demint Ted and Hedi Cruz at The Woodlands rallySarah Palin Ted Cruz rally crowd reponse to a true TEA Party leaderTed Cruz rally The Woodlands crowd shotTexas-Senate Race-PalinSarah Palin at KWTP Ted Cruz rally

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