Senator Dan Patrick DOES NOT Speak for Us! Dewhurst Does NOT Have Tea Party Support!

TPCAC 7/26/12 Press Release: Senator Dan Patrick DOES NOT Speak for US!

I am Robin Lennon, the President and Founder of the Kingwood TEA Party, as well as a member of TPCAC and we stand with JoAnn Fleming and the rest of the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee. Senator Dan Patrick does not speak for the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee or the Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.

The Dewhurst campaign is representing Senator Dan Patrick’s endorsement of him as being indicative of Tea Party support across Texas. Sen. Patrick is entitled to his opinion, but he certainly does NOT speak for the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Board (TPCAC) or for the Kingwood TEA Party, Inc. in the U.S. Senate race.

Could you please forward the attached Press Release from JoAnn Fleming, Chair of the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee to as many Texans as possible to avoid any obfuscation or misunderstanding of our position?



Robin Lennon
Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.
President, Co-Founder

Please click here for our page with a link to the Press Release for download or print, as well as jpgs of the PR which is in pdf format.

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  1. David Dewhurst does enjoy much Texas Tea Party support. In the May primary, Dewhurst received one percent more support from voters who said they were with the Tea Party than TC did. You can blindly drink the Kool Aid, but Dewhurst passed 6,953 bills during his 4 sessions and no one can seem to find any of those bills that were moderate or liberal. The senator who has the MOST CONSERVATIVE record in the Senate has endorsed David Dewhurst. The Tea Party used to stand for honor and integrity and Christian values. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore with a Cruz campaign based on lies and distortions (see letter from Texas Caucus of Republican Senators July 21st), Be fair and be honest. And consider a fine man who has had Tea Party support before it was even the tea party. Find one bill that wasn’t conservative. Are you better off than you were in Texas 9 years ago. We have David Dewhurst to thank for that. Blessings

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