The Woodfill Crew Try to Smear Paul Simpson…again. Since, like Pres. Obama, Mr. Woodfill Can’t Run on His Record.

It has come to my attention that Jared Woodfill supporter Gary Polland has launched an attack against Paul Simpson that misrepresents the truth. In this day and age of easy access on the internet, does he really think so little of us voters that he publishes this and doesn’t expect the truth to come out? I have to admit that I recognize the name calling I used to hear only from “progressives,” from other articles that maligned the Kingwood TEA Party and good people I know very well also in an attempt to defeat Paul Simpson.

This time in his TCR blog, Gary Polland smears Paul Simpson in an attempt to prop up too long  incumbent County Chair, Jared Woodfill.  Polland states that when he was Party Chair, he terminated Simpson from party “leadership” because he would not “uphold the Republican Party platform” on family values and “caved just like a Democrat phony.”

Polland’s claims are false, as online news articles published at the time show (linked below):

In the summer of 2000, Gary Polland asked Paul Simpson (then Party Treasurer) to draft a letter for then Party Chair Polland to send to the Court of Appeals that had thrown out the Texas sodomy law.  The draft letter was never sent.  When Polland was later “unavailable for comment” to a reporter, Simpson called a Democrat-controlled State House Committee’s subpoena “a politically inspired attack on free speech.”  Simpson emphasized that “(o)ther means of political action [would be] more appropriate and effective” because talking to a judge about an ongoing case was not proper.  Others agreed, including Paul Bettencourt (“under no circumstances should anybody be lobbying people to reverse their opinions while the case is active”) and consultant Allen Blakemore (“To call on a judge to change his opinion, well, I’m not a lawyer, but that’s bad . . . You’re not supposed to do that”).  Polland and Simpson together testified that Fall before the House Committee (Simpson “stood by Polland”), and the Committee backed down.

Polland fired Simpson from his position as treasurer the next year, because Simpson refused to sign a loyalty oath to him. The oath was nothing but a ploy to prevent Simpson from running against him as County Chair.  (“When a party subordinate got too ambitious, Gary Polland fired him”).

I am very disturbed by this attempt to smear an opponent instead of debating the issues.

Take technology for instance.  Jared Woodfill claims to be technologically oriented, yet I saw the same tired PowerPoint at the recent local SD 4 Strategy Meeting that Jeff Yates presented to the Kingwood TEA Party a couple of years ago. Mr. Wooodfill spoke of giving us excel spreadsheets for block-walking and providing us with up-to-date lists as people vote during early voting. I have to tell you, I am still waiting for those lists from the last time I saw the presentation.  Effective conservative activists have access to mobile voter canvassing and get-out-the-vote tools through FreedomWorks that lets us use a smart phones to aid us in block-walking our precincts. Jared Woodfill runs a get out the vote effort that was state of the art in 1965.  Paul Simpson is a political technology geek who will properly arm Harris County conservatives to fight the next campaigns against the tech savvy Democrat machine.  Mr. Woodfill has trouble using a phone to return calls.

Sometimes, after an incumbent has been in office for so many years, it is time to let someone new bring fresh ideas, contacts, and approaches into the Party. That’s why the 15 member Kingwood TEA Party’s Board of Advisors were unanimous in the decision to recommend Paul Simpson for Harris County Republican Party Chair.


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  1. Gary Polland “caved just like a Democrat phony” while he accepted tens of thousands of dollars from the LESBIAN Houston Mayor, Anise Parker, but he wants everyone to forget about that little fact while he talks about “family values” and making a hypocrite out of himself slandering a true Conservative like Paul Simpson.

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