Harris County Republican Party Woes Won’t End Without Transparency

It certainly sounds like a change is leadership of the Harris County Party is Needed. I have a couple of questions:

When was the Audit requirement removed from the by-laws and whose votes made that change?

How can any fiscally responsible citizen donate to an organization that doesn’t provide transparency? Right–that may be why  county Republican Party in a county the size of Harris County with so many big businesses and entrepreneurs is

From David Jenning’s article, HCRP: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

“If you’ve been following Ed Hubbard’s posts about the state of the Harris County Republican Party or have been on the receiving end of any one of hundreds of emails about the situation at the HCRP, you already know that the party is financially broken. If you haven’t, I’ll recap:

  • the party couldn’t afford to keep its copier last year
  • the party couldn’t afford to keep its employees last year
  • the party can’t afford the expense to host legally required Senate District conventions this year”

From Ed Hubbard’s email linked in David’s article:

“I’ve been told by many longtime party activist that the party has not had an audit as was required in it’s by-laws during Mr. Woodfill’s entire administration as Chairman of the (HCRP) Harris County Republican Party. This has been in spite of many requests for him to do so and several promises by him that he would. What was Mr. Woodfill’s response? Change the by-laws to no longer have it be a requirement.”

“The HCRP does not publish financial reports to the Executive Committee either. What are they hiding? Why hasn’t anyone really made an issue of this until now? It takes courage to stand up to your party’s chairman. I can’t speak for why it wasn’t done before by someone else.”

“The Harris County Republican Party is broke. Why are they broke? I believe they are broke because people don’t want to support something, when they don’t know where the money is going.”

If you’ve been paying attention to Harris County Republican politics, you certainly know that the Party is in deep financial straits. This is not going to be resolved as long as there is no transparency in HCRP’s finances. Right after the HCRP Quarterly meeting I had a Tea Party Patriot step to offer to underwrite the efforts of Harris County Conservatives to pay for the entire HCRP Senatorial District Conventions. I had to convince him NOT to make this very generous offer because there was no documentation of the real costs of this year’s event. With no recent audits and no transparency, conservatives cannot support this event financially.

I hope that true change comes to the HCRP as I know many fine conservatives (like those chairs who voted for the resolution to end the “Speaker Tax.” However, grassroots activists cannot support an organization that gives the appearance of corruption in its finances.

If there is no corruption:

  • what possible reason could there be not to have accepted generous Mr. Kubosh’s offer to pay for an audit?
  • Why not publicize where and how donations and other money are spent?

Once those questions are answered, then it will be time to ask why the Party still seems to support Republicans in Name Only who are still reaching across the aisle to compromise with democrats? Have they simply not noticed how radicalized the Democrats have become?


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