Thank You, Rep. Poe for Your Vote AGAINST Government Overreach

Here is Congressman Poe’s explanation of his courageous vote against repealing the IPAB bill today:

 Obamacare is unconstitutional and must be repealed in its entirety. That is why I voted for the full repeal of the President’s nationalized healthcare bill, including the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). I have also introduced legislation to defund the individual mandate provision of Obamacare. Although I fully support the repeal of IPAB and have cosponsored legislation to repeal it (H.R. 452), I cannot support final passage of H.R. 5 because the bill includes provisions that I believe violate states’ rights and the 10th Amendment. As a strict constitutionalist and a fierce defender of states’ rights, I cannot accept replacing one unconstitutional law with another.

Read Rep. Poe’s entire statement here.

He wasn’t against repealing IPAB, of course–he’s already voted to rescind ObamaCare in its entirety. With KWTP’s encouragement (click on “more” below to see our email to him), Rep. Poe voted against the amendment our RINO Republican Leadership added to address Tort Reform. This legislation, though it sounds good is a gross encroachment on the constitutional powers that rightfully belong to the States.

Thank you, Congressman Poe!

Congressman Poe,

Kingwood TEA Party asks you to vote NO on the IPAB Bill, and then explain your vote to your constituents.  This legislation is nothing more than a means of giving moderate Republicans cover so as to look more conservative in the upcoming elections. Repeal IPAB and let the States’ handle Tort Reform.

The Leadership of Kingwood TEA Party feels STRONGLY that we need to completely repeal ObamaCare, but not at the expense of allowing Congress to think they have the power to unconstitutionally legislate on tort reform (excepting that related to Federal programs—possibly…we don’t believe Congress has the Constitutional authority to implement the entitlement programs either!).

Secondly, we believe House Republican leadership is doing this to obfuscate the issues in voters’ minds to aid in the reelection of moderate big government legislators.

It’s definitely time to draw a line in the sand and let leadership know that we want to stop Republican leadership from obfuscating legislators’ voting records and to rein in overspending and over-regulating.

I just wish someone would propose legislation stating that the body of the bill (no longer than the length of the Constitution) and all amendments must be germane to the topic of the bill. It’s time to vote bills up and down on their merits and make every representative vote as they believe.


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