Monday 2/20/12: US Senatorial Candidate for TX – Ted Cruz on TX Property Rights

Endorsed by Sen. Jim de Mint's Senate Conservative's Fund

NEXT KINGWOOD TEA PARTY MEETING: Monday night, 2/20/12 with Ted Cruz.

KWTP has asked Ted to address Property rights in Texas and the US Constitution. We’ll also be discussing Sustainable Development, The Federal Government, and the U.N. This is an important meeting emphasizing the fact the US Gov’t is giving grants to local entities (counties, cities…) to perform testing of recently discounted environmental factors and for implementing provisions of the UN’s Agenda 21. This is important information as many Americans and politicians believe this is a National Sovereignty issue when it is also a State and local issue of extreme importance. Hope you can join us on Monday.

Ted Cruz is a conservative candidate running for the US Senate in the Texas Republican primary.

OPINION ALERT: Robin Lennon’s Opinion

Ted is the local Tea Party favorite in this race getting nearly 50% of the Texas Saddle Up votes both in the texting poll as well as the on-site poll, and is the favorite of conservative leaders nationwide.

The grave Constitutional issues facing us because of the dereliction of duty of our Legislative Branch in allowing Czars, Cabinet members, and unelected bureaucrats to spend money and implement law that is contrary to freedom and the Rule of Law makes Ted Cruz, in my (Robin Lennon) opinion the right candidate for Texas in the US Senate. He has a proven record of fighting conservative cases before the Supreme Court–which he won for us as Solicitor General under our great Attorney General, Greg Abbott. Unlike the House, the Senate is not a body where just any populist representative can be elected and hit the ground running, the Senate requires someone upon whom the mantle of authority and past success is a must. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the staunch conservatives of the Senate (Jim De Mint, Mike Hall, Rand Paul, etc.) who have endorsed him, I believe Ted Cruz will help lead this fight.

Endorsed by Sen. Jim DeMint, Mike Hall, Erick Erickson of Red State, Freedom Works PAC, Michael Farris – Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Assn., Senator Mike Lee, Constitutional Conservatives Fund Chairman, Mark Levin – Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, US Sen. Rand Paul, Kelly Shackelford – President of Liberty Institute, Peggy Venable – Taxpayer Advocate, and David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders among others.

National Review: “Cruz Control”

George Will: “In Ted Cruz, A Candidate as Good as It Gets”

National Review Cover: Ted Cruz – “The Next Great Conservative Hope”

Ted Cruz lit up the conservative, Tea Party leaning crowd on Friday and Saturday at the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll.  The Saddle Up Texas Straw Pool was the place to be last weekend as conservative leaders and office holders from around the state gathered with an enthusiastic conservative crowd of concerned citizen activists.

The results of the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll can be found on their site at the following link: .


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