FREE 10 wk. Constitution 101Course from Hillsdale College Begins 2/20/12

Click on the link for the previous Hillsdale lecture series on the Constitution.

Register for Hillsdale College’s “Constitution 101”

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As a leader in your local Tea Party organization, you are invited, along with other members of your group, to participate in an exciting educational opportunity from Hillsdale College – our free online course, “Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution.” You may already know of Hillsdale College for its principled refusal to accept even a penny in federal or state taxpayer subsidies, its rigorous core curriculum that includes courses on the American heritage and the Constitution, and its many outreach programs promoting liberty. You may also receive its free monthly speech digest, Imprimis. Our free online course, “Constitution 101,” will be taught by the same professors who teach Hillsdale’s one-semester course on the Constitution to our students. This 10-week program begins on February 20, 2012. Registration and information, including the course schedule, is available here:

The course will include:

  • ten lectures by members of the Hillsdale College Politics Department faculty; • provided readings that are used in the Hillsdale College Constitution course;
  • weekly online Q&A sessions with faculty;
  • a course study guide for use by individuals or groups;
  • weekly quizzes for those who wish to test their knowledge; and
  • a certificate from Hillsdale College for those who complete the course.

And again, this course is free to all who wish to participate. We encourage you to sign up for this course on the meaning and history of the Constitution, and to share this program with everyone in your group. In this regard, we invite you to view and share this promotional video for “Constitution 101.” “Constitution 101” is part of a major national educational campaign by Hillsdale College. Please join us in studying the greatest charter of civil and religious liberty in human history during this very important year for our country.

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