Congressman Ted Poe at next meeting of KWTP on Thursday, 1/12/12, 7pm – Los Cucos Kingwood

Happy New Year!Welcome in the New Year
with Rep. Ted Poe & Kingwood TEA Party
Thursday, January 12, 2012
Los Cucos – Kingwood [MAP]
Please RSVP – we’re expecting a crowd!

The Kingwood Tea Party will be hosting Congressman Ted Poe at a special gathering on Thursday, January 12’th at 7pm at Los Cucos.

Congressman Poe will update us on the ongoing fight in Washington between Constitutionally Limited government and the metastasizing Democrat Dictatorship that is swallowing up our inalienable rights, one after another.

If you are concerned about our irresponsible America-phobic President, the spending, the debt, and our eroding rights, please plan on attending.  Congressman Poe is also one of the few elected officials that understands the dreadful danger on the Texas – Mexico border and has been taking concrete action to help our law enforcement officials. The pedal hits the medal this April (primary) and November. We need everyone’s help to get ready.

This is your chance to let Congressman Poe know what you think of his standing up for constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and capitalistic free markets on a daily basis, as our Representative in Washington.

Please RSVP as soon as possible.  There should be a large, spirited crowd.

We should also have open Q & A period as is the custom of the Kingwood Tea Party, so you may be able to engage the Congressman in a conversation on the subject of your choice.   We will try to take as many good questions as possible.


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  1. Please ask cm Poe why he trashed the Bill of Rights with his vote to approve the NDAA, which codifies the policy of indefinite detention without charge originally crafted by GW Bush and his scurrilous assistants in DoJ.
    Do not accept any answer to the effect that this ‘just speeds up current aspects of law’. Though the last administration held this in practice it is only now ensconced in law.

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