Blog: EPA’s next big thing

Read entire blog here: EPA’s next big thing.

“According to the study itself, the adoption of the new “sustainability framework” will make the EPA more “anticipatory” in its approach to environmental issues, broaden its focus to include both social and economic as well as environmental “pillars,” and “strengthen EPA as an organization and a leader in the nation’s progress toward a sustainable future.”
Whatever EPA does with its suggestions, the study emphasizes, will be “discretionary.” But the study urges EPA to “create a new culture among all EPA employees,” and hire an array of new experts in order to bring the sustainability focus to every corner of the agency and its operations. Changes will move faster “as EPA’s intentions and goals in sustainability become clear to employees,” the study says.”

“The international “sustainable development” freaks want to do stuff like control the size of populations, minimize industrial activity, destroy the corporation, make governments responsible for literally everything, and give the UN a bigger role in economic activity. They believe that a “sustainable” world population is about 900 million. What their plans are for the other 6 billion of us have not been announced.”

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