2011 KWTP Voter Guide: Harris CO

The Kingwood Tea Party has interviewed and participated in forums with many of the candidates in the City of Houston elections to be held on November 8, 2012. 

The candidates boldly highlighted in RED are the candidates we feel best support our values of Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets.

Early voting is going on now.  You can vote at the Kingwood Branch Library.

Printable Version: Names Only

City Council At Large:

Position 1:       Stephen Costello – Big Government RINO – He is responsible for the Drainage fee.  And Costello’s Engineering Company got the contract for the drainage work.  Perfect Democrat, extorts our money through misleading bond issue language, over taxes the poor, and then big chunks of that money go to his own company.

Scott Boates ANTI-RAIN TAX – If you are infuriated with the drainage tax, then Scott Boates is probably your ideal candidate.  He will fight against it.  Smart, tough, articulate. Shown as Current Sustaining Democrat on Democratic site, but is strongly anti-Rain Tax and anti-over-regulation of Houston area businesses.

 Don Cook – Democrat – member of the Progressive Coalition.


Position 2:        Kristi ThiabautDemocrat, ACORN lobbyist.  Far left favorite.

ELIZABETH PEREZ – Conservative Republican.  I think Elizabeth will make a great council member.   She has conservative support all over the city, and she is an energetic powerhouse of conservative values.

Andrew Burks, Jr.- Democrat -Member of the Harris County Democratic Party Steering Committee.   Web site not updated since 2001.

Gordon Gross – Democrat – worked for Affirmative Action City of Houston from 03/1996 to 02/2007.   Past Board Member & Officer of the Hollyfield Foundation, 1994 to 2010 – Human Rights Organization & AIDS Advocacy

Bolivar Fraga – seems to pose as a Democrat when useful and a Republican when useful, may be an actual Independent – Air Force Academy grad, 6 years active service in Air Force. Master’s degrees in Latin American Studies, Social Work, and Pastoral Studies.   Currently works as the Community Developer of the Ripley House Neighborhood Center.

Eric Dick, – Conservative Republican, stood up the KWTP twice.  Either he doesn’t take the Tea Party seriously, or he can’t find Kingwood.  Neither is encouraging for someone who wants to represent us. Dick may be a good man, but we need to stick together and NOT split our vote.

Jenifer Pool – Democrat, Progressive favorite.  Endorsement of Stonewall Democrats

Michael Griffin – conservative – 10’th time running, good man, lack of support

David Robinson – Democrat – Montrose civic leader, seems OK, still, a Democrat.

Roslyn Shorter.- Democrat, wants very large mass transit project, Railroad from Bush Airport to downtown.  Obama campaigner, see pictures of her at rallies with “Change we can Believe in signs”

Position 3:       Melissa Noriega – Democrat and Big Time Progressive – Endorsed by Harris County AFL-CIO, Houston Area Stonewall Democrats, Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC, Houston Organization of Public Employees-Local 123, Planned Parenthood of Houston, and SEIU-Local 1.

CHRIS CARMONA  – Conservative – grew up in Humble.  Was Operations Manager of Laundry’s Restaurants and then Operations Manager of Continental Airlines.  Is married with two children, a grassroots conservative and a small government proponent and a friend of the KWTP.

Brad Batteau – Democrat – Progressive positions on issues.

Position 4:       Louis Molnar – Democrat – Harris County Democrat Chair for Precint 129. Serves as member of Democratic Party’s County Executive Committee, member of Democrat Party’s Communications Committee, and of Democratic Party Youth Outreach.

Amy Price – Democrat – member of the Green Party. The Green Party emphasizes Environmentalism and Social Justice.  They are to the left of the Democrats.

C.O. Bradford –Democrat –  probable winner –Democrat – 24 year Police Officer, 7 years as Houston Chief of Police.  Long, impressive resume. A Union member, but hopefully hasn’t drunk as much Kool-Aid as his opponents.

Position 5:        Laurie Robinson – Democrat – looks interesting given the competition.  A principle with MFR Solutions. A regulatory expert who advises healthcare corporations, & federal, state and local governments.  Head of her firms advisory services practice, she manages more than 72 employees.

Jolanda Jones – Democrat – controversial, however an ally in the Red Light Camera fight.  Accused of violating city ethics rules by using city resources in support of her law practice.  Accusations went nowhere.  Maybe we can find some more common ground.

JACK CHRISTIE – Republican – is an old style Republican with a sense of honor.

MAYOR:  “Boss” Parker: Annise Parker brought us MUCH higher water bills by going around the People of Houston in Austin, overturned the will of the People on the red light cameras until she realized it was hurting her relection campaing, brought us her very own slush fund in the Rain Tax which has already been used for things other than drainage just because it can.

Under Parker, COH has a stranglehold on our local businesses with sign fees and other regulations. They drove EXXONMOBILE to The Woodlands and more companies are sure to follow under her progressive policies.

It’s time to tell Boss Parker that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Join us in supporting Fernando Herrera and telling Parker that she is NO fiscal conservative.

Kevin Simms – Democrat – CEO of the Multicultural Action Group, dedicated to helping small businesses obtain contracts.  First time running, little support.

Dave Wilson – Democrat – questions about where he lives for residency purposes.  Little support.

FERNANDO HERRERA – Conservativehttp://votefernandoherrera.com/. Has been putting together a Conservative &Black & Hispanic & Tea Party coalition as well as supporting smaller government, less regulations, border security.  A good man.  Good friend of KWTP.

John O’Connor – Conservativehttp://www.jackforhouston.com.  Seems to have backing of Old Guard Houston Republicans. Late entry into race is pulling some needed support form Fernando Herrera.


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  1. Thank you so much for this analysis. Have you also examined the propositions and other items on the ballot?

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