Upcoming Events: Liber-Tea Fest in Austin, Sat. Oct. 22 w/several top tier candidates; Herman Cain in Houston, Tues., Oct. 25!

Join us if you can in Austin, Sat., Oct. 22, 2011!

 Liber-Tea Fest

DATE:          Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011 
TIME:          11:00 AM to Close
Nutty Brown Cafe
                        Austin, Texas
TICKETS: $10.00 each. Children under  18 are FREE!  
                        ($15.00 at the Door)
                        BUY TICKETS NOW

The cooler weather just might induce visions of a road trip. If you’re headed up to the Austin area this Saturday, 22 Oct. visit with the liberty lovin’ folks at LiberTea Fest for a day of fun, food, music, and notable speakers. Expect several top tier candidates to drop by as well.

It’s a cheap date…and you know you want to go.

Raise Cain on 25 October 2011: $5 each; children under 18 FREE!

Clear Lake Tea Party puts on the dog at Gulf Greyhound Park with Herman Cain.

Cain’s been setting the R party stage on fire as he smokes his competition for the presidential nomination. You can bet there will be other candidates you need to meet tagging along on the Herminator’s coat tails.

KWTP’s next meeting: 3 Nov. – Don’t miss it! Amendments, Candidates,

Early vote season opens on 24 Oct.

Saddle Up Texas, our destiny awaits.

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