Thomas Sowell: Stop Whining

Thomas Sowell: Stop Whining.

Thomas Sowell addresses several arguments that have been on my mind. Progressive policies like minimum wage and welfare that have destroyed families, institutionalizing poverty and hopelessness among the minorities and socio-economic groups they pretend to care about.

Mr. Thomas also voices the fact that Reagan’s economic policies were so pro-business that the economy grew, “rich” Americans were able to expand their businesses, hiring more so many employees that the economic gap between races and sociology-economic groups narrowed.

Talk about inconvenient truths that our Marxist-socialist media refuse to report: the true consequences of artificially dictating minimum wages; the results of not allowing doctors and pharmaceutical companies to charge fees that allow them to offer their patients/customers quality care, drugs, testing, and services. We already see Yahoo, the AP, and other progressive mouthpieces all decrying unnecessary testing without discriminating between unnecessary CYA testing and life saving cancer screening that SAVES lives.

Drug shortages are here. Our president and his union minions are supporting these faux AstroTurf sit-ins (with their expensive signs, T-shirts, and PAID protesters, most likely in order to promote unrest so that they can declare martial law.

Times are dangerous indeed. It is time to stand up and be counted or it will be too late. Parents, if you want your children to enjoy the freedom of their heritage, it is time to join us now: join a TEA Party, 9-12 group, or other Constitution-loving conservative group today.


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