Thurs. 10/6/11 KWTP Gen Mtg – Los Cucos: Informal Houston Candidates for Mayor and At-Large 1, 2, & 3

When:                Thursday, October 6th
Time:                   7:00 pm
Where:              Los Cucos Kingwood    MAP
What:                Houston Mayor & City Council Candidates
:                  Fernando Herrera, Mayor
                             Scott Boates, City Council At Large 1 
                             Eric Dick: City Council At Large 2 
                             Chris Carmona: City Council At Large 3 

Each candidate will be given some time to introduce themselves and then answer questions and engage in conversation with the always insightful KWTP members.

The struggle to re install constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets begins on November with the election for Mayor of Houston and the many seats on City Council.

Come on out and meet the candidates that can help turn Houston into a Sanctuary City for Corporations, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business.  Since thrmost effective “safety net” is a healthy economy.

Please join us in vetting the conservative candidates that can be our voice on City Council.

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