KW Stop the Rehab Meeting Tonight Monday, 10/3/11

Rep. Ted Poe’s representatives are attending this meeting!

WHAT: Mike Sullivan’s Town Hall meeting on Monday night
TOPIC: Stop KW Rehab in Residential area [MAP of rehab location]
TIME: 6:00pm
Woodridge Baptist Church [MAP]
                 5707 Kingwood Dr

More info & for updates:

Bring your friends and neighbors.

The proposed Rehab is a for-profit half-way house for men aged 35-65 who are recovering addicts to alcohol and drugs situated in a residential area right across the street from one school and down the road from a public elementary school. HIPPA regs mean past history of criminals, including sex offenders (children) will be hidden from public.

We already have a facility in Kingwood located near clinic. This is an infringement of our deed restrictions which was legislated by federal government. We encourage all who can attend to do so. Thanks, Robin

Here is the most recent email sent:

Kingwood Neighbors,

Today Texas State Representative Dan Huberty issued a letter to Mayor Parker to stand with the community against the Kingwood Drug Rehab facility.  Click the link:  Official-Letter-to-Mayor-Parker 

If you or anyone you know wants updates, please have them email me and ask to be added to our list.

We will continue to work on stopping this facility from opening.

Last point, I’m not sure if you all are aware, but Kingwood currently has a facility to help addiction, both inpatient and outpatient accommodations, Kingwood Pines Hospital, located at the front of Kingwood.  This is yet another reason that shows the proposed facility is about making a profit without the considerations of the surrounding area. 


Wade C.


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