Rep. Brady votes in support of Bipartisan Budget Control Act; Then Says “Enough is Enough?

Though we have to ultimately decide on Rep. Brady’s merits based on ALL of his decisions, listen to this interview re the Debt Ceiling Bill. It is true that we don’t have the votes to change things on our own, and the dems are intransigent in their dedication to policies that dine on the Golden Goose while expecting to continue collecting the Golden Eggs after her demise.

Peggy Noonon’s WSJ Interview with House Majority leader, Rep.Eric Cantor.

Potomac Fever Strikes Again.

Rep. Brady should start making plans to head home for a Texas-sized reality check, if not for good…

[Bold-face emphasis, not the words, is mine (rhl)]:

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas, the top Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, today released the following statement after voting in support of the bipartisan Budget Control Act, which will cut spending, advance the cause of a Balanced Budget Amendment and prevent America from defaulting on its obligations.  The measure passed the House of Representatives 269- 161 and will go to the Senate tonight.

“Enough is enough. Washington must stop spending and learn to live within its means.”

“Without this Budget Control Act the federal government would keep growing to over 23% of the economy this decade; with its passage the government shrinks to 21.6%. That’s the direction President Reagan took our nation, and the economy grew strong.

“Today we cut government spending by the size of the stimulus. This fall we cut it again by the size of ObamaCare. That’s a start, but hardly enough. I will continue to fight as long as it takes to stop heaping more and more debt on our children, and until we force Washington to balance its budget.”


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  1. So Mr. Brady suggests that bogus back loaded cuts in a growing spending trend translates to dollars saved? Is he kidding us? He also accepts PPACA as a permanent feature of the American landscape when he claims we’ll cut spending by the size of Obamacare but apparently he’ll keep Obamacare.

  2. If Mr. Brady would push to drop fedgov spending to no more than 15% gdp I’d give him some slack. His past support for fedaid to railcar builders in his district and for the NatGas Act which would transfer potential billions to T.Boone Pickens operations have pretty well run out all the slack any congressman should get.

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