Dear Rep. Poe, KWTP Asks You to Reject the Speaker’s Proposal

At the risk of our opponents calling me delusional, here is the note I sent to Rep. Poe this afternoon when he emailed Jim to ask the Kingwood TEA Party’s opinion on the Boehner plan. I immediate sent out an email requesting the Board and Advisory Board members’ opinions. Here is the email that was sent to Rep. Poe early this evening:

Rep. Poe,

The Kingwood TEA Party’s official position on this issue is to REJECT Speaker Boehner’s proposal.

My poll however reveals that our Board is split, 3 – 2 in favor of REJECTING, and our Advisory Board that responded also settled on the side of rejecting the plan. Though none of us like Boehner’s plan, many recognize the fact that we don’t have the Senate behind us.

 All want the facts heavily promoted:

1 – BIG CONCERN: Not only will we be continuing overspending, but the debt will also accrue much faster as interest rates rise when our Nation’s credit rating is lowered and inflation takes off. This may be enough of a reason to stand our ground and reject Boehner’s plan for one with substantial rather than imaginary cuts.

2 – They are using the old trick of using the TARP & Stimulus inflated budgets as the base. It is deceitful and continues stimulus spending that helped to dig this hole so deep and  STIMULUS SPENDING DOES NOT WORK! You don’t get out of debt by calling a freeze on spending a cut. I’d go to jail if I tried it.

3 – It’s not cuts vs. default, but rather right vs. wrong. We don’t have to default unless our Legislature chooses to. It boils down to this: how much debt is too much? Stopping the overspending may hurt now but not nearly as much as it will when it all comes crashing down–as it will.

Several mentioned that your principled stand against fiscal irresponsibility precludes what will be seen as your caving. We’d love you to stand firm and reject it, but we haven’t heard from across the Nation. And the WE as in Kingwood TEA Party is definitely split and many think that political realities may necessitate a vote for this plan.

Best case scenario: House passes it and dems in Senate block it or President Obama vetoes. If it does go through, will we have to deal with it again before election? We REALLY would like this to be an election issue. They lost this debate–just have the seats to stop us.

Just don’t let them take a win here to spike the ball and declare victory–it needs to be a Pyrrhic victory for them. WE MUST COMMUNICATE THE 3 POINTS CLEARLY & OFTEN!

The final tally of the Kingwood TEA Party favors REJECTING Speaker Boehner’s plan. Thank you for your integrity and for your representation of us, Judge!



Robin Lennon
Kingwood TEA Party


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