Counter Protesting at Rep. Poe’s KW office TODAY, 7/26/11 at 11 am

Update: Thanks for the GREAT turnout at Rep. Poe’s office today!

We had twice as many as the organizers with somewhere around 45+ people.

Kristin at Rep. Poe’s office was VERY glad to see us! It was wonderful to see all of you though I had to run off to a business lunch almost as soon as I got there.

You can see the difference a little preparation time makes in the Observer story.

Talk about preconceptions of an event: Notice the picture and its caption.


Counter Protest in support of Rep. Ted Poe!

Rep. Poe’s Kingwood Office
1801 Kingwood Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339  [MAP]
Tuesday 7/26/11 at High Noon

 ** asks area members:

Can you drop by Rep. Poe’s office and tell him “Don’t destroy the American Dream?”

Here’s a copy of the email they sent out.

From Jim: is trying to bring a crowd to picket and protest Congressman Poe’s office in Kingwood at 12pm on Tuesday to convince people that Kingwood residents don’t support Ted Poe, and in fact, do support the Democrat position of massive Federal spending, crushing debt, and the loss of Freedom to federal bureaucrats.

Please join us! Jim will be there with the battle flag Congressman Poe presented to the KWTP for our help in making a difference in the 2010 election. Please click here to RSVP.

Let’s stand up for Ted Poe who is a tireless warrior in Washington D.C. for limited government, fiscal responsibility, the Constitution, and Freedom!

Hope to see you there.


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  1. No one realizes more clearly than the Kingwood TEA Party that the budgetary crisis we are in is the product of progressives of all stamps who believe in extensive government on the backs of all productive Americans.

    However Rep. Poe has consistently stood for fiscal responsibility and that is what our beleaguered nation is sorely in need of.

    Boehner’s current plan allows the progressives to make residual the gargantuan stimulus budgets that helped further the destruction of our economy. When terrible rich Americans who hire people stop hiring because of an avalanche of anti-business legislation and ever increasing taxation in a stale to failing economy, EVERY AMERICAN LOSES.

    For that reason, the Kingwood tEA Party supports those who recognize that we MUST cut the surplus inflated budget back to pre-TARP levels and repeal burdensome overreach by non-elected progressive agencies of the government.

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