My Response to KW Dems President on our KWTP Facebook

My Response, July 23, 2011

Egberto, you like to say that you are 95% in agreement with Tea Partiers, but I beg to differ. Such a statement ignores the crux of our differences. The truth of the matter is that we probably only have 5% in common.

After one of our candidate forums you attended you told me that the problem with our tyrannical government is not its philosophy or policies but that the men and women implementing them are corrupt—flawed.

About the flawed nature of the politicians we are agreed. Where we differ is that I believe, along with our Founding Fathers, that every man, woman, and child is flawed. We are sinful creatures and as Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
By now, those who know history realize that the unrealistic premises of progressivism have been with us for a long time. They rely on a false premise—that man has evolved beyond the baseness of violence and intolerance. PHOOEY. Anyone who has read of the atrocities committed by Hitler and some of his followers, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, and the progressive’s favorite, Mao know that only men whose hearts are rooted in God can mirror Him more nearly and leave the violence, greed, and other deadly sins behind.

Men who tried to tell Saddam Hussein the truths he did not want to hear were blasted into kingdom come across the table. Don’t tell me that we can ALWAYS negotiate today. I know better. You cannot negotiate with evil tyrants.

Socialism, Marxism, collectivism has failed because it does not see human nature as it is. In the early days of our American history, socialism was tried both secularly and religiously. Those who have read their history know why progressives downplay our Thanksgiving story. It’s not because we are thanking God, it’s because the entire story is rooted in the fact that the socialist agenda FAILED. When everyone was working and distributing their food to all according to need, William Bradford found that men did not work as long or as hard, and that women had this pain or that excuse not to work in the fields. When he ended the socialist decrees and allowed each family to farm a plot for their own needs, the scarcity became a thing of the past. Yes, the Indians helped them through hard times and that is a wonderful part of the story of God’s Providence, but the real story was the failure of the collectivist system in America.

Egberto, you state that you agree with 95% of what we Tea Partiers believe. If that is the case you know that any time a particular group reaches ascendancy in a government and forcibly implements their agenda, they are acting as tyrants, because WE believe that every man has the God-given right to think and act for himself. Hate crimes are anathema because no MAN knows how another thinks; only what someone else FEELS that person thinks, so man must be judged solely on his actions.

As for having so much in common, Tea Partiers know that more government means less freedom. When progressives declared abortion a right, they began forcing me to pay my tax money to a government that spends it on contraceptives and Planned Parenthood which makes obscene profits on the blood of our next generation—blacks at highest percentages of all.

So about health care? It is not one of the enumerated powers of the federal government and must be returned to the States and the People along with many other encroaching non-elected agencies. Any government that decides how all people must think and act is a tyranny and the more it gets away with it the more it does until you have the Pete Starks in Washington telling We the People that there is nothing Congress or this President cannot do.

Egberto, the Kingwood TEA Party likes open discussion more than most, but we believe that words have meaning. There is such a thing as Truth and we believe that history is important to every discussion for the insights into man’s enduring nature. You are welcome to post messages and discuss here, but please include footnotes (links or actual sources), (not from a Coffee Party member) and documentable historical facts, or don’t post. I really don’t believe we have much in common. The Kingwood Tea Party believes in Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, and we do not support our current government spending our nation into oblivion.


Robin Lennon
President, Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.


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  1. You’re right of course, it’s really a case of semantics as they last reported multi-billions of dollars of net assets..

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