They’re ba-a-a-a-ck

In a not unexpected move, Annise Parker puts Houston’s RED LIGHT CASH SCAM CAMS back in service. Claiming we can’t afford to pay damages to ATS (the contractor) but that CoH will energetically pursue the case, Parker lights ’em up pending the city’s appeal.

We expect the appeal will not be energetically pursued and that the scam cams will stay on through the end of the contract in two years (?) or so. Parker suggests that she just might ‘allow’ us another vote at the end of contract to see if we’d like to keep the scam running, indicating to this somewhat cynical observer that this deal is done and ATS won. (Also indicating that she knows she’s got two more terms in the bag. Can we prove her wrong?)

And thank Bill White for removing the contract’s termination clauses.

Bear in mind that ATS took this to federal court for a more favorable venue.

Be careful out there…city hall is doing its darndest to separate you and your money.


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