Green Annise Piddles, Pensions Fester

Mayor Annise Parker has been selected as the nation’s top winner for large cities in the 2011 Mayors’ Climate Protection Awards, an initiative sponsored by The U.S. Conference of Mayors.

The awards program recognizes mayors for innovative practices in their cities that increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An independent panel of judges selected the winners from a pool of 130 applicants.

Houston won for its Green Building Initiatives, including the Houston Green Office Challenge, Energy Efficiency Incentive Program and Municipal Energy Efficiency Program. Hmm, incentives generally indicate taxpayer participation.

“Houston is a leader on energy efficiency, and we are proud to receive this national recognition for our work on green buildings,” said Houston Mayor Annise Parker. “Improving buildings to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions is good practice and good economics.”

Houston has also been recognized by the EPA as the country’s largest municipal purchaser of renewable energy, with 33 percent of the City of Houston’s energy load provided by wind energy. Judging by cost differentials among kilowatts generated by various means we guess this means city taxpayers are taking a hosing.

City of Houston is a dues paying member of ICLEI, an arm of the UN’s top down, command and control sustainability initiative embodied in Agenda 21. Your tax dollars are working to erode your enjoyment and use of your property and redesign our cities and ways of life.

Parker is in re-election mode and looking for the second of three potential terms in the Mayor’s chair after twelve years at city hall on council and as controller. Who’da thunk city hall was a career path? Now if Parker would tend to our unsustainable pension schemes with such diligence…nah, that might actually benefit homeowners and city taxpayers.


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