On Pledging…

The House practice of pledging support to candidates for Speaker continues as a point of contention between activist and grassroots organizations and our officeholders. This has been and continues to be a topic of rather warm discussion in Tea Party gatherings.

On Monday, June 13 the Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee adopted a resolution condemning the House practice of pledging support for a candidate for Speaker far in advance of not only the next session but even the next general election.

HCRP further demands each (area) Republican representative respond in writing as to agreement with this resolution and clearly state that he or she will not commit to a Speaker candidate until after the next general election.

All responses will be publicly available.

HCRP has adopted beneficial positions on many questions of public policy and political conduct. Unfortunately some ‘Republican’ officeholders have an attitude of: ‘Who cares? Who, other than me, can they vote for?’

We’ll let you know who replies to HCRP management and who doesn’t.

We understand that there are many back rooms between here and Austin, and that Speaker Straus has a really nice place out near San Antonio. We realize that winks, nods, fist bumps and handshakes easily replace signed pledge cards.

Nonetheless, HCRP is taking the bull by the pointy parts. We’ll see what happens.

HCRP also encourages every county party organization adopt this resolution.

Resolution Text…

WHEREAS the practice of the sitting Speaker of the Texas House to secure pledges for re-election support in the next legislative session presents an obvious conflict of interest and the potential for abuse,

WHEREAS the sitting Speaker of the House is able to have tremendous influence on the major contributors to all House races in the subsequent general election on the basis of who has and has not pledged their future support for the Speaker,

WHEREAS our elected representatives must be more beholden to the voters than to the Speaker of the House,

WHEREAS during the December 6, 2010 Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee, a resolution was passed condemning the “pledge” method of selecting the Texas Speaker of the House,

RESOLVED that the Harris County Republican Party denounces the practice of pledging support for the re-election of the Speaker of the House in advance of the next general election and subsequent new legislative session,

RESOLVED that the Harris County Republican Party calls on all area Representatives to provide a written response to the HCRP Chairman denouncing this practice and promising to remain independent until after the general election. The HCRP shall make all responses publicly available,

RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be delivered by electronic and US mail to each member of the Texas House of Representatives whose districts lie within Harris County.


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  1. I guess we will find out if their pledge means anything. This should be interesting.

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