What Pres. Obama & Holder are really doing to Arizona

H/T: Tomball Tea Party

“The person in this video is a professor (Ph.D.) at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona. He explains what Pres. Obama and Holder are doing. This may be the best video produced on the illegal alien problems that are being experienced.”


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    • And now we know that the Fed Gov through Eric Holder and the ATF are allowing the Cartels access to weapons purchased in the USA while doing everything in its power to remove handguns and hunting rifles from law abiding US Citizens (our right under the US Constitution). WAY to protect the Country and our Constitution, guys!
      Yes Arizona, we in Maine stand with you.

  1. I’m a proud and extremely honored NATURALIZED U.S. citizen. Before I entered the U.S. or was issued a U.S. immigrant visa that would allow me LEGAL entry to the U.S., then to apply to be registered, and to be allowed the huge privilege of a Permanent Resident Card (formerly Alien Registration Card) . . . BEFORE all that happened I was told very pleasantly, helpfully, and politely by U.S. consular personnel . . .

    1. That . . . I would ALWAYS HAVE TO have my PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD (legal Alien) WITH ME WHILE IN THE U.S. Failure to do so made me immediately subject to arrest and to deportation. I was told I MUST present this document to any representative of government at any time to prove and justify my status to LEGALLY be in the U.S.

    I then asked if this applied when I went to the beach or swimming in a pool I was told there was NO QUALIFYING LANGUAGE in the applicable federal law.

    2. That . . . should I ever break a federal or state law while a registered Permanent Resident, I would immediately be subject to arrest and to deportation without recourse or to any right of re-entry . . . EVER . . . not even as a visitor.

  2. We hear you in Ohio and we stand with you!!

  3. Alabama is all for the tea party and eliminating all this bull that politicians can break federal law and do as they please against the constitution.And that includes our commander in chief who apparently is dragging down our beloved nation!

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