Do it over until you see it my way, term limit version

Houston voters enacted term limits in 1991 and defended them in 1994.  In 2010, former Mayor White’s ‘term limit commission’ failed its mission to extend or manipulate current limits to give city hall denizens more time at the trough.

Enter 20 year state rep Garnet Coleman (D-147) with his HB 1745.  Coleman, probably at the request of some friend at city hall, filed this bill to force Houston voters to the polls again to decide whether or not to double allowable time in office for mayor, controller and council.

This is not Coleman’s first attempt to screw with our prior decisions.  He’s carried identical or very similar bills in the past.  HB 1745 is in the Urban Affairs Committee, chaired by Harold Dutton (D-142), another 20 year incumbent.

Oddly enough, Mayor Parker can’t find a single legislator to carry a bill to open HFD pensions to renegotiation, but someone at city hall can call ‘ol Coleman and he’ll snap to with a plan to keep the gravy train rolling.

Mr. Coleman and Mr. Dutton illustrate the need for term limits in our House as well as at city hall.

Bill text and history: HB 1745


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