Progressivism Has Been “Outed”

Another good Canada Free Press article by Arnold Ahlert.

…most Americans are finally beginning to understand the unholy relationship between the Democrat party and their union benefactors.  Benefactors who contribute well over ninety percent of their campaign contributions—funded almost exclusively by mandatory dues required of union members—to Democrats.

How unholy is this relationship?  Perhaps nothing speaks to it better than a unionized New York school system in which “passing” a 2009 third grade math test constituted getting 11 points out of a possible 39—which is a score of 28%.  Was anyone fired for such child-abusing, blatant corruption?  Quite the contrary. New York City paid $100 million in bonuses to teachers and administrators for their fine work in “raising” test scores.  The kids? 75% of them need remedial instruction if they choose to attend college.

New York is not alone.  Union-controlled public schools across the country, especially those in inner-city America, have been cheating kids for decades, and the Democrat party has defended them at every turn.  Consigning millions of innocent kids to lives of under-educated mediocrity? A small price to pay for “solidarity.” A solidarity which has turned one of the finest educational systems in the world into a worldwide laughingstock.

Read the entire article here: Progressivism Has Been “Outed”.


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