KWTP Meeting Mon., 2/21/11: Rep. Dan Huberty, Los Cucos-KW, 7 pm

KWTP welcomes

Dan Huberty (TX 127)

Los Cucos-Kingwood, 7:00 pm  (MAP)
Dine with us at 6:30 pm if you can.
Please RSVP.

Rep. Huberty will begin: 7:20 pm.

Some of the Issues and Topics of Discussion:

Nullification Pledge: Has Rep. Huberty fulfilled it thus far? Come and find out.
Educational Funding: To Raid the Rainy Day Fund or to Cut Spending & Shrink Gov’t?
Counting the Cost: Should the Legislature Demand an Accounting of the Cost of Educating Illegal Aliens?
Redistricting: Will It Affect Us and If So, How Much?

Join us as we discuss these issues and more if there’s time with our new Representative in Austin!

The TEA Party movement has had a successful beginning and now we must prepare to get to work. We must remain vigilant and alert, watching everything our newly elected representatives do, appreciating all they accomplish, and letting them know that we KNOW if and when they stray from the conservative course we elected them to hold.


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