Check out this article from the Austin paper: Original Article

The bills might not contain any of the insurance components of the federal plan, but there are some shared ideas dealing with health care delivery. “We can save money and improve medical outcomes by incentivizing doctors and hospitals to use best practices and focus on wellness and prevention, rather than the number of procedures they perform,” Dewhurst said.

Some of his words matched the vocabulary of the officials who administer the U.S. plan.

According to a U.S. Health and Human Services Department website, the Affordable Care Act created the National Prevention Council, which “brings prevention and wellness to the forefront of our national conversation on health.” The “best practices” that Dewhurst talked about also echoed the federal website: “Sharing these best practices will not only improve our health. It will also help to reduce the burden of health care costs on families, businesses, and state and federal budgets.”

Pam Udall, a spokeswoman for the Texas Medical Association, said some of the “themes are similar” to Obama’s plan.


Has anyone read the underlying bills?  Why do we need more state bureaucracy in medicine?


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