MUST READ: New Deal? Many Did Call It Socialism

Great article from the Daily Inter Lake by Frank Miele

As published in the Sandusky (Ohio) Register, the story bore the headline, “Roosevelt Urges Share-Wealth Taxes.” The subhead noted that “Big Incomes are Targets of Message.”

The first paragraph of the Sandusky, Ohio, story said flatly that Roosevelt’s “share-the-wealth” tax program was “based on the philosophy that big fortunes are created by collective rather than individual effort.” A paragraph or two later, we read that the president called his initiative a “sound public policy of encouraging a wider distribution of wealth.”

The five-point program proposed by Roosevelt in 1935 is certainly eerily familiar to those who are following the current political debate. The program included raising death taxes, raising taxes on incomes above $1 million a year, and raising taxes on business. Again, that should of course sound familiar. The first two were cornerstones of the program being pushed by House Democrats last week in opposition to the Obama-McConnell tax compromise.

That is just what Roosevelt gave us, whether you call it the New Deal or the same old dole. You may as well just be honest and call it socialism because there is no reason to call it free enterprise. Freedom is an individual right; not a corporate one. I cannot be free as an individual if I am forced to do what is good for the collective.

Read the entire article here.


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