VIDEO: Joe Straus’ Liberal Voting History

Even many conservative reps seem to think that they have to vote for Joe Straus. I will not demand that they vote for a conservative speaker instead of Staus, BUT I do caution them to tread very carefully for we are awake now and watching them. Should they vote for Straus, he wins the speakership and then appoints democrats to key leadership positions who go on to block the conservative legislation we voted the republicans in to pass, they will return to the legislature in 2012.

Remembering that we have elected our reps to represent us to the best of our abilities, as well as recognizing that most of us don’t understand all the ins and outs of choosing the speaker, getting legislation on the floor, etc. Here is the letter that Jim, Gus, Larry, and I are planning on sending to our representatives (to Dan Huberty and most likely to Brandon Creighton as well):

Honorable TX Representative(-elect) __________________:

Congratulations on your election to the Texas Congress. I am proud of your hard work and success–proud to have supported you. Now that you are preparing for the upcoming session in Austin, I pray that you will remember your pledges to the voters and your support of our shared principles that put you there.

I understand that there is a letter circulating that elaborates on some threats made toward Republicans because they have not signed on to support Joe Straus for Speaker, as well as letters from Texas Representatives Bryan Hughes and Leo Berman. I have also read a draft of a letter being circulated by some TEA Parties expressing their dissatisfaction with Mr. Straus.

First, I want you to know that I supported your candidacy before your election, and I will continue to support you through your elected term. I understand that you are on the front lines and must make decisions that will bring our agenda to the forefront and on to fruition, and I trust you to do that. It is my understanding that Mr. Straus has supported many Democrats and has blocked some important conservative legislation in the past. The statements of support from 49 democrats seem to confirm the reports.

If you find it necessary to ally with him to promote our agenda, please make every attempt to bring him to our side of the aisle understanding that the TEA Parties stand first on principle above all else rather than allowing him to nudge you in his direction. TEA Parties do not want to see politics as usual, and we also want to see our issues voted upon even if they lose. We wish to see the votes and the voters.

I have every faith in you that you will rise above the temptations in Austin and will be the statesman that I and my fellow conservatives elected and that Texas and our Nation so desperately need. Please do not forget that we are here for you. You might even find our lobbying efforts useful in pursuit of our goals.

I trust you will give this great weight and pray for your health and success.


Constituent in TX House District ___


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