The Mind of America – HUMAN EVENTS

Great Read by John Hayward, a staff writer for HUMAN EVENTS, and author of the recently published Doctor Zero: Year One.

Ambition is the coin of the realm between free men.  It is the natural genius of the American mind to respect the ambitions of individuals and to create productive ways to fulfill them.  The contrary madness imposed on us by statist government is the notion that politicians can measure and judge ambitions, pronouncing some noble and others venal … while harboring none themselves.  We know this notion is ridiculous, and we drive ourselves insane if we try to accept it.  When ambition is replaced by obedience, we all become poorer, for ambition is a far more valuable resource.  We are unwise to deprive ourselves of the achievements of extraordinary people.

Read the entire column: The Mind of America – HUMAN EVENTS.


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