TX Dem Party Sues King Street Patriots for Voter Intimidation

Democrats Sue King Street Patriots for Voter Intimidation

The Texas Democratic Party added its name today to the list of parties suing the King Street Patriots for offenses connected to their pre-election activities in Harris County.

It seeks monetary damages against the Houston-area Tea Party group for the “1960s style” voter intimidation it says has already occurred at the polls on the first day of early voting. The complaint also asks the court to halt what it characterizes as in-kind support of Republican candidates in violation of its nonprofit status. During a conference call with reporters, TDP lawyer Chad Dunn accused the group “blatantly ignoring our election laws” and said that, even in the first “three or four hours” of early voting, witnesses in minority precincts had reported representatives from the group “shouting misinformation” and “following voters and standing behind them” as they tried to vote. Dunn said TDP intended to release video of the incidents within the next few days.

Hmm. I thought it was a violation of TX election law to videotape inside a polling place?


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  1. To whom it may concern:

    I think the integrity of our voting system is under direct assault and is being undermined by the far left.

    Groups like Acorn are guilty of mass fraud as evidenced in Oboma’s election, and then there’s the illegal judicial legislation as in the small New England town that not long ago passed a law or dictated by a judge giving every minority vote a 6 to 1 handy cap as if it’s some sporting event, and how on earth did Al Frankin get elected and why have the Republicans not done anything. It has been proven by independent groups that Al Frankin was fraudulently placed in office and no one is doing anything. What about the Black Panthers who threatened and intimidated voters with physical harm.

    Why is no one in our government doing anything about these things. People need to be arrested and prosecuted! This truly is a matter of national security!

    Our country use to have such high integrity and a reputation that we monitored elections around the world to make sure they were legal, just, and accurate, now we’re in jeopardy of becoming just like the very countries we use to monitor for voting fraud.

    Thank you for what you’re doing.

    Our country and form of government is in trouble if something significant is not done soon.

  2. When the far left group came into power 2 years ago (Obama, Reid, and Pelosi), they brought with them a far more powerful, influential, ultra wealthy and almost invisible underground. Their agenda to socialize our country and create an endless flow of money to their pockets, while creating a nation dependent on government, was finally made possible with the “right” people in power. They have successfully taken over much of our economy (i.e., and are not going to let go of it without using every possible trick, legal or not, to hold on to their nirvana. Considering that many of these radical left wingers are attorneys, the legal system will be tested to the 10th degree to serve their purposes. Even some judges are on their payroll. So don’t be surprised by anything that erupts during this voting season. While all we can do as citizens is cast our ballot, don’t think it won’t matter. They will lead you to believe it won’t with polls and false claims.

    As each of us cast our votes, it puts one more nail in their coffin. This is a beast that needs to be buried. Even some lifelong democrats see that what has emerged over the last 2 years doesn’t represent their values and what they want for our country. These radicals must go just like the terrorist who flew into the twin towers. Their brand of terror is just as damaging if not more so. So cast your vote.

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