New TEA Party Video Series Beginning: What We Believe

Bill Whittle at Andrew Breitbart’s

“(H)ere is the first of a new series of FIREWALL videos, called “What We Believe.” In them, I’ll do my very best to explain in as rational and non-antagonistic a method as possible, just what the fundamentals of modern Conservatism — especially Tea Party Conservatism — are all about.Part one covers the two big items: small government, and free enterprise. In the future we’ll look at elitism, wealth creation, gun ownership, immigration, and more.

I know I don’t speak for everyone on these issues — no one speaks for everyone, not even those in the same camp — but I do hope to capture the core beliefs in a way that people who share these views can use to pass on to those people in their lives who don’t.”

Bill Whittle’s What We Believe Series – Part 1


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