So Long to the Dusty Trail (EPA rules dust a pollutant)

Original article at American Thinker by  Geoffrey P. Hunt

“What a wonderful notion: federal regulators, by simple rule-making fiat, saving us from the natural world.

Farm and road dust…  has always been with us… But now the EPA, living in a dust-free but not idiot-free zone inside the Beltway, insists that the rest of us live in a biosphere bubble, inoculated from anything that might fail the Good Housekeeping test.

These are the same regulatory busybodies, along with their brethren at the Federal Trade Commission, Health and Human Services, Department of Energy, and the Justice Department, who would ban food that tastes good, order us to buy health insurance that we don’t want, mandate light bulbs that barely rival the light output of a candle while costing more than a candlestick, and sue three universities for testing an ebook because it can’t be read by the blind. Brilliant…

If only ridicule could free us from these meddlesome minions.”


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