Texas Tea Party PAC Liber-Tea for Texas Rally! Mon., Aug. 9 Noon

‘Liber-Tea for Texas! Rally’ on Texas Tea Party PAC!
Let’s Stand Up and Be Counted! Pres. Obama is coming to TX to fundraise.

On Monday, Aug 9 join us in the Woodlands, between Noon and 1:00 pm , with your flags and signs to rally and tell President Obama, Bill White and the rest of the Democrats to keep their liberal policies out of our state, and restore Texas Liber-tea.

Date:          Monday August 9, 2010
Time:         Noon – 1 pm
Location: Town Green Center Park  MAP
Address:   2099 Lake Robbins Drive 
                        The Woodlands, TX

Organized By: Suzanne Guggenheim

Confirmed Speakers so far: Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones, John Faulk, Roy Morales

Come, Stand up with us, and be counted! Click on “more” for more information.

President Obama is coming to Texas for stops in Austin, Dallas, and maybe Houston on Monday, August 9.

He is NOT coming to Texas to listen to the plight of the energy industry workers in the wake of the moratorium. He is coming to support Democrats who brought us failed stimulus plans and disastrous energy policies.

Pres. Obama is also coming in support of Bill White, who agrees with him and would love to advance his left-wing agenda in Texas, but knowing how unpopular Obama policies are, has rushed to set up events that will keep him far away from any of the President’s fundraisers! He doesn’t want to be seen with the President that, just 18 months ago, he had himself Photoshopped next to for a political advertisment- and for whom he wrote a memo suggesting ways to sell the Democrats’ extreme and job-killing cap and tax scheme.


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  1. I live Humble and would like to know the Tea Party backed candidates in my area. Thank you

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