70+ Judicial Candidates on Harris County Nov. 2 Ballot

UPDATE: We are well on our way to creating our Judicial Watch website where we can collect bios, judicial history and information on the candidates to help us make informed choices in the Nov. 2 election.  More later.

Prepare for Huge Slate of Judicial Candidates in Nov. & Info on Lt. Gov. Candidate

Thanks to Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull for her timely reminder that we have to prepare for a huge ballot including over 70 judicial candidates! Some checking on the things she said reveal the following:

 CLICK HERE for article on DEM Strategy for Nov., 2010 Election

They (ACORN/Democrats/Liberals/Progressives) have brought in so many paid election workers, and are deputizing anyone who is breathing to sign up democrats to vote.

LARGE SLATE OF Candidates in Nov. Election

There are over 90 contested elected offices on the ballot with over 70 being contested judicial positions in the 2010 General Election.  The liberal community organizing group, ACORN, has changed its name to OFA “Organizing For America”  and is at work in Harris County.

A Community Organizing group for Conservatives, King Street Patriots,  has ongoing workshops to support Republican candidates and Precinct Chairs called “True the Vote” with organizing tools called LINKS.  All for the time it takes to sign up and be checked out as a Republican! 

Some background on Dem Lt Gov Candidate, Linda Chavez-Thompson

The Dem Lt. Governor is Linda Chavez-Thompson, recently retired as National AFL-CIO executive vice president (3rd highest position in the AFL CIO) and now an Officer Emeritus along with recently retired, John Sweeney. CLICK HERE and HERE  for bios of Linda Chavez-Thompson.  At 16, she did not finish 9th grade nor did she ever obtain a GED… 

CLICK HERE to read the duties of the Lt. Governor who controls the Legislature of Texas. 

Her recent financial report with the Texas Ethics Commission indicates that over 70% of her contributions come  from union pacs from all over the nation.

While she might not have the same war chest as Dewhurst, you know she will have a lot of ‘boots on the ground’ in Harris County.

I hope you are all ready for a challenge. We CAN make a difference, but we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work!


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