No to Lone Star Tax Increase: Sample Emails

Three major points:
  1. We are currently in the worst recession/possible depression of my 53 year lifetime.
  2. Water rates are going up 30%.
  3. Housing Appraisals have skyrocketed. No property tax increases? Maybe politicians think so–property owners know better!
If you are already voting NO, thank you for standing up for us taxpayers.
If you were planning on voting yes, I respectfully ask you to reconsider and change your vote to NO.
Raise tuitions, reduce bureaucrats not absolutely necessary, but please do not increase the burden on area taxpayers.
Many of us are barely holding on as it is, and with Barry Soetoro’s administration together with the Reid/Pelosi act increasing taxes across the board on Jan 1.  You will push us that much further over the edge.  Cut back on spending and do not raise taxes. 

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