The Two Faces of the Tea Party by Matthew Continetti with commentary

From the Weekly Standard. CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

Second, the Tea Party is unified in opposition to the policies that it believes put America in its current predicament. It’s opposed to bailouts, which favor the wealthy and connected. It’s opposed to out-of-control spending at every level of government. It’s opposed to an expansive state that subsidizes bad behavior while accruing more and more power for itself, opposed to a limitless government that nonetheless fails in the basic duties of securing the borders, regulating the financial sector, and keeping America safe…

These beliefs support a political message with great promise. The bad economy and the Obama administration’s liberal agenda have produced widespread voter discontent. The president’s approval rating has declined significantly since his inauguration. Support for Congress is at record lows. The idea that economic distress would cause the American people to embrace the federal government has been exposed as hokum. In April, the Pew Research Center released a survey that concluded, “by almost every conceivable measure Americans are less positive and more critical of government.” The center’s pollsters found that, “rather than an activist government to deal with the nation’s top problems, the public now wants government reformed and growing numbers want its power curtailed.”

On bailouts, stimulus, and health care, the public is closer to the Tea Party than to the Democratic party. This is one reason why, despite the unpopularity of both major parties, voters are focusing their anger on Democratic incumbents. In a recent Gallup poll, 49 percent of respondents said the Democratic party was “too liberal.” That’s only one point less than the record, which Gallup measured in 1994. An NPR poll last week of battleground House districts found Republicans leading Democrats by eight points on the generic ballot…

Nevertheless, while most Americans disapprove of the Obama Democrats, they do not back a full-scale revolt against the government. They do not support the abolition of the welfare state. They may want to repeal Obama-care, but they do not want to repeal the 20th century.

Does the author really not see how the pervasive progressive belief in atheism, and decontruction, that words have no meaning and there is no truth, have infected our courts, our schools, our politics, and our very lives. Does he not realize how totally regulated we are by our government, and how much this runaway government is taking over private industry in this country?

As my mother used to say, “Genug ist genug!” or “Enough is enough!” It is indeed enough, and I can only hope that the American people have the will to see us through to the other side of November and beyond.

The author sees the bailouts as evil because of the audacity of their size and scope one presumes, but how can one not see how the government’s meddling in families and our pocketbooks via the welfare state and medicare has decimated the family. A society that does not rely on extended family to take of each other comes to depend on the government. One would expect abortion to be acceptable, high taxes the norm, and the families in disarray, marriage penalties the norm. Hmmm. Sounds, familiar to me.

And how did we get such an agenda? Well, how did the liberals and progressives take over our universities and courts? They couldn’t legislate their way in until activist judges began ruling their agenda in. It may not be a conspiracy of men, but it is definitely a conspiracy of untenable thoughts and ideas promulgated by ivory tower academicians whose thoughts and ideas seem to be teflon-coated from the adverse effects they have when implemented.

Very similar to the Greeks and Aristotlean physics. Thoughts didn’t need to be tested in the real world and quantified. You just thought them. Well, give me the true scientific thought rooted in the scientific method back. Real scientists, like real men need to divorce their careers and pay from government handouts. It’s time to realize that men and women are capable of taking care of themselves when educated in history, philosophy, logic, and the world as it really is rather than as progressives “think” it is.

We like the FDA? Then we must also like the expense of prescription drugs. Not every drug researched and developed actually works with minimal side effects. So for every drug marketed, there are many man-hours of research and development that don’t pay off. Extend the approval time, and increase the costs of lawsuits when the drugss have unexpected side effects even after FDA-approval, and yes, Virginia, drug companies will need to mark-up the price of the drugs that succeed to stay in business.

Just as lumber companies have to charge enough to allow for replanting trees (takes land, and judicious cutting to balance). The cost must go up. Give me understandable motives like greed and success. I can deal with self-interest much better than I can unwarranted payback to people who work behind closed doors to cement their political power and pass 3000 page legislation so we can see what’s in it!

We must stop allowing progressives and our neighbors from vilifying the bankers who were REQUIRED by law to make bad loans, the evil pharmaceuticals who had to raise prices on prescription drugs to stay in business. Let’s place the blam where it belongs, on politicians who pass laws the federal government has no constitutional basis for passing. Indivividuals mucking in the marketplace who have no idea what their  doing other than paying political allies back and lining their own nests.

When someone runs for Congress, instead of only us Tea Partiers having to disclose our donors, every politician should have to place their total wealth on the internet. Every year it should be updated for the at least ten years after they retire from government office. Politicians should not get wealthy at our expense and then tell us that we enjoy revisiting our values as we tighten our budgets.

Apologies for the diatribe–I think the author must of hit one or two of my hot buttons…


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