ACTION NEEDED: in AUSTIN this Monday, 6/14/10 at 9 AM

FLASH MOB NEEDED: in AUSTIN this Monday, 6/14/10 at 9 AM
CLICK HERE for flyer in .pdf.

to attend Houston’s hearing with the 261st Judicial Court’s sitting Judge to increase our water rates 30%!

WHEN: Monday, 6/14/2010 at 9 AM
WHERE: 261st Judicial Court in Travis County

  • 1000 Guadalupe, 3rd Floor
  • Austin, Texas 78701
  • Phone: (512) 854-9309 (for directions, to check schedule/venue)
  • Fax: (512) 854-9332 Docket Number: Docket Number D1GN 10001296

If you can drive to Austin, please contact:
Bobby Jordan – 713-451-1492.
We will try to carpool if possible.

If you can’t attend, please write a letter and send overnight so it arrives before the hearing.

Mailing Address:

  • 261st Judicial Court in Travis County
  • REF: Docket Number D1GN 10001296
  • P.O. Box 1748
  • Austin, TX 78767 The City of Houston has scheduled a hearing concerning the 30% water rate increase in Houston, Texas IN AUSTIN on Monday!

A Houston city council member has said that this was partly done to muffle the taxpayers and to stifle the the outcry from Houston.

  • This is being done in an underhanded way to thwart the voters of the City of Houston who passed a proposition to prevent just this from happening.
  • At this time in these economic times, it is a burden on all, but most especially on the poor of the city. WATER IS NECESSARY FOR LIFE.

Mayor Parker’s Chief of Staff: Ms. Appel (a PELL): 832-393-1078

Although HOUSTON TAXPAYERS are NOT REPRESENTED, MAYOR PARKER has hired the following contract attorneys to represent the city.

  • J Wiley George (Houston): 713-220-3928
  • Kelly Sandill (Houston): 713-220-4181
  • Dave Whittlesey (Houston): 512-320-9200

Click on more for City Council members contact information.

Brenda Stardig
District A
832 393-3010
Website | E-mail
Jarvis Johnson
District B
832 393-3009
Website | E-mail
Anne Clutterbuck
District C
832 393-3004
Website | E-mail
Wanda Adams
District D
832 393-3001
Website | E-mail
Mike Sullivan
District E
832 393-3008
Website | E-mail
Al Hoang
District F
832 393-3002
Website | E-mail
Oliver Pennington
District G
832 393-3007
Website | E-mail
Ed Gonzalez
District H
832 393-3003
Website | E-mail
James G. Rodriguez
District I
832 393-3011
Website | E-mail
Stephen C. Costello
At Large Position 1
832 393-3014
Website | E-mail
Sue Lovell
At Large Position 2
832 393-3013
Website | E-mail
Melissa Noriega
At Large Position 3
832 393-3005
Website | E-mail
C.O. “Brad” Bradford
At Large Position 4
832 393-3012
Website | E-mail
Jolanda “Jo” Jones
At Large Position 5
832 393-3006
Website | E-mail

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